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New bike? BMW R nine T

Discussion in 'Naked' started by panayiotis, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. G'Day,

    I've been recently tempted by this new BMW, so much so that Im considering trading in the Duke for it. Dont get me wrong I love my bike, but I rarely have the opportunity to actually make the most of it as I ride around the city and it is rare that I get out of town these days.

    Im going to test ride it today, but am I mad? My friends are telling me Im hitting middle age 15 years too early to buy a BMW, but I love the look of it and the boxer twin is a great engine...i'm just worried I'd get bored of it and miss my ducati.

    Is the BMW really for middle aged riders?

  2. I've seen a couple if these in the flesh and they're just gorgeous.
    Haven't seen a bad ride report either.

    You already have a Ducati, so don't worry about what people think of you.

    Edit: I'm a middle aged BMW owner.
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  3. touche =D

    They are gorgeous, yes...but I'm unsure that will keep me entertained in the low term...the duke keeps me entertained, but I then have to deal with Ducati service.
  4. Usual rules apply, ride one, if you like it buy it.
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  5. Just go for it..! Best looking bike on the market today IMO.
    I'd have got it if it wasn't for the fact that I had just got the R1200R when the 90 came out.
    And don't worry about what people think about BMW riders, I'm 30-ish and I don't think I fall in BMW's intended customer age group for the boxer. But let me tell you one thing, I find the boxer more enjoyable to ride than the HP4! That engine is full of character. I love how the bike rocks when you give it throttle. And mind you, on paper it might not look like an ultra powerful engine (when compared to modern sports bikes), but man does it pull hard (in a certain rpm range, it pulls almost as hard as the HP4)! So don't get the specs fool you, it is one monster of an engine.

    I can only imagine the 90 will be more fun to ride given it's much smaller in size than the 1200.
  6. Or don't sell the Ducati...

    Keep both.. ;)
  7. I wish.... I just washed it and damn I still love the look of it...
  8. NAK.... I'll see how it feels this afternoon... Where did you buy yours from?
  9. Back in the day I used to view BMW motorcycles as an old farts bike, then along came the S1000rr, bang BMW became instantly cool. BMW's aren't a middle aged bike. the rig you have pictured looks pretty sweet, go for it.
  10. I ended up getting mine from Doncaster BMW (after wrangling on price with the local dealer for a few weeks, but they seemed uninterested in selling apparently), they offered me the best price (as per what I had in mind) and were really great to deal with. They even transported the bikes to my door-step in Canberra for free!
  11. Hey just saw your 'for sale' ad..! I'll be interested to know how you would compare the 90 to the Duc in terms of riding and all??
  12. It's a completely different bike, and frankly for the riding I'm doing it is a much better machine....I honestly can't bear to part with the ducati though....I'm trying to convince myself to keep it, but it will end up wasting away in the garage, and bikes like that are meant to be ridden!

    The bmw is a beautifully made bike though, and with a few mods will be killer.
  13. How long was the Nine T test ride for?
  14. Had it for a couple of hours... It was enough to get a feel, but not enough to really get comfortable with it. Good signs were there though!
  15. I can see your problem.

    BMW, while they make really nice bikes, have never really got the hang of doing a good yellow, while Ducati do an excellent yellow.
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  16. From what I've heard, if you're doing mostly road riding, the BMW goes pretty hard.
  17. It's a nice looking bike. How does the transformable tail section work? I'm not sure I like the look with it just the seat
  18. Get an interesting stripe down your back on a wet day.
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  19. Racing stripes. I do like the retro look with the mod cons