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New bike - big grin!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Banana Fred, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Well finally after nearly a year of putting it off due to a series of unfortunate events and having gotten well and truly over my 250, I went hunting for another bike.

    After a bit of searching I found myself a bike that I felt comfortable riding. It has plenty of grunt and heaps of usable torque throughout the rev range ( torque is my friend! ) and is extremely comfy on my backside. In fact I enjoyed riding it to the point that I decided the search was over. :)
    After a weekend of consideration, I made a cash offer to the owner...


    The offer was accepted.
    I've been counting down the days and tomorrow at 1pm, I hand over my hard earned cash and pick up my... :grin:
  2. WHAT BIKE?!?!?!?!?!
  3. Yes do tell.
  4. Well I was going to pick it up first and then post it here as the unveiling
    But I bet if I hinted at it, you guys would figure it out pretty quickly.

    How about I say it has a 19" front wheel...

    any guesses? :p
  5. Hmmm... $1100 dollars buys you... not much!

    Maybe a 1979 cb250 with wrecked shock & oil leaks? :p

    Hope not, but seriously, what bike?
  6. lol

    negative on the 1979 cb250.
    This one is fuel injected and only a couple of years old.
  7. Ah, the venerable Night Rod.
  8. Nope not a HD, but it is a v-twin.
  9. Weestrom?
  10. That was my thoughts too.
  11. +1 for a Buell...
  12. I knew it wouldn't be hard to guess as Pete and port80 got it - it's a DL650. Incidentally, what do I need to sacrifice to the sun god for the sun to come out? A hamster? A smoked kipper? :p
  13. Goats usually do the trick. Except when my pesky neighbors sacrifice a sheep and pray for rain...

  14. u kidding me!!!! :shock:
  15. Is there a cure for a s%*t eating grin?
    I've picked it up today and can't seem to get rid of mine.
    So far its been flawless, a joy in every gear and every corner and I'm now plotting a ride through the hills on Sunday to see what it can do.
  16. Congratulations! When I did research for my upgrade a V-Strom was high on the list, but unfortunately being not that tall or strong, when I went for a sit, it was waayyy to big for me.
    How cool for you, congrats again! :grin:
  17. Nup :grin:

    Congrats on the purchase, she looks like a ripper.

    The Staintune sounds great doesn't it, going to get me one of those one day.

    Let the fun begin! Enjoy. :)
  18. Thanks Fran and Pete.
    The grin remains - even now while I type this.
    The exhaust note is marvelous - like a deep rumble and, when backing off the throttle and down shifting, the over run is music to my ears with a delightful grumble and snap. My neighbors will always know when I'm coming home or heading out with this exhaust.