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New Bike, bet you can see me smiling from there...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by not_sane, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    Went and had a look at a bike on sat, Got on to it thru some mates, and the guys at Cycle Right so i know the bikes history as well.

    92 CBR 250 RR
    near new tyres
    oil change 100kms be4
    good nick,
    has been lowsided/fell over at bout 20k/h or so so part of rhs fairing is a bit cracked, got the guy to buy some fairing hardener for it so i can fix it up(some stretchy sticky crap is already on there), dri rider jacket.. too big tho, disc lock and tank bag.

    took it for a spin,
    should be a week or 2

    Ordered some gear from cycle right.

    Helmet - Nitro 510 - $180
    Jacket - Joe Rocket - $500
    Gloves - RJays - $100

    I'm getting the lot for $700 tho so its not too bad.

    next on the list is
    boots - rjays- $160-200
    Jeans (steel mesh inside,) - $200

    Going to organise a credit card or an Overdraft account this morning so its all good.
    I'm happy. :D

    **Anyone that is gonna tell me that the planets alignment is gonna change and for some reason i'm gonna go on a spending spree, save your breath...

    Anyone else... watchout on the road :twisted:
  2. :-O did u try to haggle down ??

    congrats u fag leo! i want a black bike:D
  3. He's got other people lookin at it so why would he go down much. i got a couple of hundred out of him. He's a good mate of my mates and probably will be a good mate of myself so no point trying to be a tool for $300. He gave a me a few things so its all good.
  4. Cool then, why not buy all your gear together? is the joe rocket leather? what style?
  5. INSANE news (sorry, bad pun)
    Agree with your choice of helmet (I've got a 510, and love it)
    Sounds like it's going to be fun, fun, fun
    So, piccies please, you know how visual we all are here!!??
  6. Yeah the Joe Rocket is leather, forget what model, has the liner you can take out of the inside and the vent zips on the arms etc. the one made for the leather pants (little short).

    Gloves are.. RJays with the stitching on the outside, extremely comfy not the ones with knuckle dusters on em, just the padding.

    Why not buy all my gear together?
    Money factor, depends how much insurance and that shit, that you pay tax on when you buy a vehicle at dep of transport is. am not willing to take any more then 3500 out on the credit card/overdraft account..

    I'll get some pics over when i get the bike, but i'll have to give them to someone else to host for me, cause i've got no idea.

    yeah the're a great helmet and very well priced.
  7. jacket is the blaster.

    Gave my bike a bit of clean up and took all the fairings off to have a looksee and fix my brake light.

    brakelight just had the wire hanging off, so thats all good now.

    but the paint is really bad in some spots, its like a matt black. having a closer look when i started polishing it. you can scratch the shit off. and after a bit more playing around, it looks like someone has previously gone to sell the bike, bought spray paint and just sprayed it.

    I cleaned up all the stickers so they look good again. not sure if i'd take the time to fix these fairings up or just look for a set of new ones.

    does anybody know of anyone that has some or know aroundabouts how much a new set or an old set from the wreckers would be? i've been told about 300. and if i strip them down and put a layer of primer on it i can get the bike painted however i want for 150. I'm gonna take the pipe off and polish that up and clean everything else up. so for 450 in a couple of months i can have a brand new looking bike. and sell it for what i spent on it.

    Other option would be to ask my uncle to help me out fixing allt he fairings i have up. he bought a new destroyed vfr 750 and did all the fairing work on himself and painted it up. looks absolutely brilliant.
  8. new fairings will cost you a bit more than that :eek:

    new top fairing for my zxr C was 280$, thats just for the mould( i think that was fibreglass? plastic more expensive ), then you have to paint the bloody thing , if you get it done professionally itll probably cost another 100-150 i assume? (correct me if im wrong)

    but i'd probably do it myself, friend of a friend has a spraypaint kit.

    try fix em up yourself leo, can plastic weld the fairings and sand it down, i havn't done it yet so im not sure how painful the process is
  9. but your mums hot
  10. I'm not looking for new fairings i'm looking for a set from the wreckers some just less damaged in mine. i have a couple of clips and a couple of brackets broken on mine, just makes them a weak spot after its been fixed.

    its not really painful. it just takes a lot of time. but i've got a buffer which will do the bigger parts easily. and i can get sanding bits for the di-grinder. just a matter of thinking how the best way to do it would be. I'd find out how much someone would sandblast it for me first.

    dunno, just some thoughts
  11. saND BLAST?
    what about a sand blaster they use for paving stones? :D

    i went to vic mc wreckers on the w/e to pick up a clutch cable, man there are some really mangled up bikes in there :D guess you could try a wreckers.. b

    but i think if the bike has been 'written off' or has jusut been put in the wreckers its probably because its not repairable or pretty much stuffed. you may not be able to find much better fairings.

    i dunno :S
  12. Hey Not Sane.

    Well done on the new purchase... Yes, we can see you smiling, but Dude, floss man....... There is still a peice of steak between your teeth.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Just kidding.

    Great news on the bike :D
  13. :shock: what kind of jeans are they?
  14. isnt that what draggins are?
  15. draggins have kevlar sewn into them :LOL: which btw is 20 times stronger than steel.
  16. well these have got denim, steel mesh then a layer of fabric, big patches around knee area's and hips.
  17. sounds very kinky to me