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New Bike Anguish

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dane75, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I get my Learners Permit this Thursday and have been looking at bikes available for the last week or so. I have $5000 to play with and have been looking at the usual suspects for a noob like myself (Kawasaki ZX2R, ZXR250, Honda CBR250R/RR). My main problem is, I want something reliable but am only going to have next Saturday after work to drive 2 hours down to Melbourne and look at the bikes I have found on the net. My work mate has been riding for years and recently upgraded to a ZX9R and I am dragging him along to help me out as I know stuff all about bikes especially mechanical aspects.

    I was looking at the links from this site for prepurchase inspections as I think they are a good idea. There is one concern for me though. If I organise an inspection from Echuca where I live for a bike in Melbourne I then have to wait till Saturday to go and get the bike if it is good. I am concerned I could fork out the money for the inspection find a good bike and then find it gets sold in the mean time before I get there. Or end up having to pay for several inspections for bikes that are obvious lemons that I can't identify by not being able to check em out first.

    Any suggestions from people who have been in my position before?
  2. If you inspect the bike with the aid of a mechanic/bike inspector they should be able to provide you with an ad lib run down of any areas of concern on the day and then provide a more in depth report via email within 24-48 hrs. I used a pre-purchase inspection service and I couldnt have been happier. The first bike I looked at was superficially A1, but it turned out that it had been in an accident previously (unknown to the present owner) and had been repaired badly so the front steering fork was badly bent. There were a number of other issues that would've justified a price reduction, but my mechanic simply told me that this bike wasnt worth purchasing because i'd have to spend excessive $$$ to repair.

    Fast forward and I got him back to inspect a subsequent bike. At this stage I was pretty apprehensive because I didnt want to experience another anti climax/disappointment. This time he told me that the bike was good, but there were a few things which might need to be addressed in the forseeable future (wearing clutch, sprockets and chain etc). As a result I was able to negotiate these factors into the final sale price.

    I paid $120 for each inspection (had to travel quite a way so the price was good) and had I not outlayed this money i'd have ended up forking out a few extra thousand to get the first bike repaired because it looked fine to me.

    So I do recommend using this service. If you arrange with a vendor to inspect the bike and it checks out but you can only transfer the goods later that week then he/she should be reasonable enough to wait.
  3. oh and I recommend looking at the Honda VTR250 as a prospective buy if you havent already made your mind up. looks great, goes well and has the reliability expected of a honda
  4. Things to check with your eyes:
    1: Chain and sprockets, check for wear of the sprockets and chain tension, a owner who looks after their bike will have their chain lubed and well adjusted.

    2: Does the exhaust blow any smoke while running? Some may be expected while the engine is warming up but if its blowing a lot there may be something wrong.

    3: Forks. Bikes that have been crashed/dropped often do damage to the forks, both forks should be parallel to each other. Also check the seals, leaking fork seals will leave fork oil on the forks after you compress them, also look for pitting and scratches on the actual alloy.

    4: Take some basic tools with you so you can take off the fairings and have proper look at the bikes condition, much easier to see rust or accident damage with the fairings off.

    5: Check all electricals are working. Horn, lights (high beam and low beam), indicators and brake lights.

    Things to ask the owner:
    1: Has the bike been crashed dropped?
    2: How often do you change the oil and oil filter. Oil should be done at a minimum interval of 6000kms. Filter 12000kms.
    3: What servicing have you had done on the bike? Valve checks are due approx every 20000kms, ask for receipts for anything that they claim to have done.
    4: How often and what kind of riding does the owner do on the bike.
    5: Any history the owner knows of the bike from previous owners.

    These are a few things to start with. This is definitely not a comprehensive list but a few basics. The best thing you can do is get a qualified mechanic to give the bike a pre-purchase inspection. But if you've got your mate with you ask the seller if he can test ride it for you, anyone that has been riding bikes for a few years should be able to pick up basic faults in a bike.
  5. Thanks for the help guys, I am making a short list of bikes that the owners have responded back positively and offering RWC and service histories etc. I will get each one checked one at a time till I find one that's decent then go pick it up :grin:
  6. Mate, don't rush into anything. There is always plenty of bikes for sale. Don't loose any sleep if one you had your eye on is sold before you have the chance to snap it up.
    The distance could be a pain but I bought a bike from Ballarat (720km return trip) because it was the right bike at the right price.
    I have bought 2 bikes off NR members so that's another option for you.
    I wont comment of the type of bike you're after but there are easier bikes to learn on with less maint/hard life issues than a couple you have listed.
  7. yeah I have to be patient... thats my problem I want it yesterday :LOL:

    I looked at ZZR's and GPX's but I don't like the look of them as much and figure I may as well ride something I like the look of and is similar to the style of bikes I would like to ride in the future
  8. Just be patient. The right bike will come along soon enough. It'll be no good for you to rush out and buy the first bike you see tomorrow if your going to have to spend the next 3 months trying to get it to run right.
  9. I was looking at a nice CBR250RR (see pic) out at Taylors Lakes, but he wants $4590 including RWC and he won't negotiate the price and the rego runs out in a bit over a month. I was going to get a pre purchase inspection done but then it's like $4790 and I'm up for rego soon thereafter and out of my $5000 available I have nothing left for helmet and protective gear..... so the search continues

  10. You've nominated a budget so stick with it. In fact, I'd buy the riding gear first so you know how much of the $5k you have for a bike.

    Gear will cost $1k give or take and thats a minimum. Pre purchase service, rta fees and charges / rego / initial repairs or services will also soak up some cash.

    Good luck and be patient.
  11. hey mate,
    ive just brought a cbr250rr and tis amazing fun, id recomened getting one.
    also if your ever down here and riding back to echuca let me no as im keen for a ride up there as my grandparents are there.
  12. Quite a few of the ones I have been eyeing off are now sold unfortunately. I have found a nice looking ZXR250 for sale at Melbourne Motorbike Brokers (who are in the preferred partners list), They are asking $3990, it's done 30,232 km's and is a 1991, being sold with RWC and reg till 4/2009. I'm going to arrange a pre inspection for it. Checked out a ZXR250 in Echuca today but he is asking $4000 and my mate went for a test ride and said the brakes were very slack (reckons theres air in the lines) and he said it was very sluggish (compared to his old CBR250R but then again he now rides a ZX9R) it also had a loose fairing and a few missing bolts. Might have to push back my ETA for the new bike by another week I think :(
  13. Sorry for the double post..... got my learners permit today finally. Hopefully the inspection comes back good on the bike tomorrow and then I can pick it up Saturday :grin: