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New bike and no-one to tell!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by tubbsy, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Super excited and no-one to share it with right now, so the forum is my stop! \\:D/

    Just put down a deposit on my new V-Star classic 650 after a 45 minute test ride!!!! (Always wanted a cruiser)

    She's a beauty, was gonna test ride an 1100 roadstar, but was hesitant thinking it'd be a bit big to joyride AND commute on, got there, and the bike I was test riding had been sold, but the trade in was the V-Star, just the kind and size I'd been looking for. Vance and Hines pipes...sweet sweet sound, def will need earplugs though. How cool is that?? Looking forward to getting back into the riding community!

    Here she is!
  2. Looks v. cool Tubbsy. Congratulations!
  3. At 45 I'm still too young for that style of bike..but a work mate has one..he loves it.
  4. That's a gorgeous looking bike! :)
  5. Another recruit to the dark side ... welcome to the world that is cruiser's ..

    p.s. and you got the right colour
  6. @ Rabbito, I'm 35 mate! ;-) never too young for a cruiser....
    Thanks all, wanted a cruiser for as long as I can remember. It's got vance and Hines pipes that send shivers up the spine from the sound.
    And that leather half tank cover just looks bad a$$ for some reason.
    Should pick it up sometime this week after a service and detailing.
    Next order of business......join a ride!
  7. looks real nice,i like the tank cover aswell.
  8. Wadya mean no-one to tell?? Ya told us!!
    I had a 650 V Star (Custom) until s 'P' plate cager wrote it off. Great bike to ride.
    Although I'm a tad too aggressive in my riding style, tended to scrape the pegs a lot!!
  9. He he he, that's what I meant, I had my peeps on the forum.

    Gotta say, I loved every minute of the test ride, can't wait to take delivery and ride with some o' you guys and gals.

    Scraping the pegs!!Dang, I did some low cornering and the pegs never touched, you must have some serious cornering!
  10. Yeah, thats one reason I switched to a naked (Z1000)
    I was only getting 10,000km out of the front tyre!!!
    I was out braking some sports bikes entering corners & just throwing the bike into the corner!!!
    Cruisers tend to 'plough' through when ridden this way, chewing out the front tyre! :D
  11. great looking bike!

    No such thing as too young to ride a cruiser, im 26!

    Those look like loud pipes though! are they removable baffles? I only ask because sometimes you can replace them with quiet baffles (I had to with my HKs)
  12. Being my first cruiser, I have no idea about the baffles, but yeh, they are loud. My ears were ringing a little after my test ride, sounds wicked, but a tad on the loud side.
  13. Wow someone let you have a 45min test ride? :p. Awesome. Congrats on the new bike!
  14. Wasn't intentional, the motorway going north from North Sydney is 17km along the busy Pacific Highway before you get to motorway, and I really wanted to try it on the motorway. Took ages just to get to that and then back. (I enjoyed every minute!) :moped: