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New bike advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gundo, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, first I'll start off saying hiya to everyone. I'm a 21 year old Brisbane bloke who has recently taken an interest in riding. I've had my learners since mid January, and I'm hoping to get my P-plates as soon as possible. I'm kind of new to these forums, having read quite a few posts before writing this one.

    I'm looking for some advice about getting my first bike - I'm rather interested in sports bikes, as I prefer their appearance over the naked bikes, cruisers and touring bikes. That being said, I've heard several people on this forum advise newbies not to bother with a fully faired bike as a learner because they'd be very likely to drop it - and cracked, mangled and scraped fairings aren't cool. Is it possible, then, to buy a fully faired bike, remove the fairings and stow them away it my garage until such time that I'm sure I won't drop the bike? I thought about this for a while, and more questions arose: would doing that expose areas of the bike's engine that would be even more delicate (and expensive to replace) than the fairings? I keep thinking about all the naked bikes I've seet and start wondering whether their engines are made stronger and sturdier than faired bikes because they're expected to take a few good drops in their time... Can anybody please help me out with this? I'm quite confused, and I would much rather your opinions than that of a second hand bike salesman's :)

    The main bikes I've been looking at are the Suzuki GSX 250F Across - it's boot, price and more relaxed riding position really appeal to me - and the the Kawasaki ZZ-R250 - which can be found quite cheaply it seems, but I've never sat on one and tried it for size, so I'm not sure about it's riding position and fit. What do you guys (and gals, of course!) think of these two bikes?

    I'm 6'1" and 85 kgs. I'll be using the bike as a primary means of transport, to go to uni, work, friends houses, etc. so comfort would be a pretty important factor. I'm not too interested in having a super fast bike (yet... hehe), or a super whiney (screamy? I'm not sure of the jargon) bike, so the CBRs really don't hold much appeal for me (they seem quite expensive too!) Are there any other bikes I should be considering?

    I hope I didn't waste too much of your time, so thank you all heaps for reading this, :)
  2. hey gundo, welcome :)

    I can't comment a whole lot on learner sports bikes (I'm a nudie fan ;)) however I can comment on a guy I work with on his zzr250. He's a bit over 6 foot I believe (somewhere between 6'1" and 6'4" I think) and he looks like he wraps himself around the bike with his height. I'm 5'3" and I have seen people similar heights to me being quite comfortable on the bike compared to the guy I work with. The bike itself, as I understand it, is a really good bike, just that he looks a tad silly on it cos of his height, and he knows it ;)

    Just a thought from an innocent bystander :D

    good luck with your choices :)
  3. well i'm sure he doesn't look anymore sillier than me as a 6ft 2... on a cbx250 :p

    also personally i wouldn't get a bike like a cbr250r/rr... they want $1,200 for a new visor+the fairing attached to it.. bit expensive lol.

    the CBT250(I think it's CBT-- anyway it's a cruiser and looks great) .. bit like a CB250 too. can't damage too much fairings... or what little fairings there is hehe
  4. I got the same advice when i was learning but i went against it and bought a Kawasaki ZX2R....and what do you know, i mangled the thing majorly, but thats cause i wasnt paying attention at the time, and fixing fully faired bikes is very expensive.

    Im 6"1' on a Kawasaki ZX-6R now and its fully faired. Im too stubborn to get a naked bike, i love the sports too much...
    I say you go with personal preference, if you have confidence in your riding skills even better, but there is always an option either way.
  5. g'day mate, welcome to the forum

    If you are concerned about fairing damage then look at buying some oggy nobs for your bike which will help protect it to some degree in the event of an off.

    Be careful with the across as well, i have not owned one but have heard they can be a bit troublesome engine wise with higher k's on them- i'm not too sure what that means but it's what i've heared. The ZZR is a good option cause it is a twin which will be easier for you when you are learning and is more forgiving in traffic. Also think of the GPX 250 which is essentially the same bike but lighter and somewhat easier to ride- they have a virtually bullit-proof engine.

    Enjoy your riding!

  6. i think it's okay if the engines are xposed. but will it prevent a direct hit to the engine if it is drop?
  7. And when do you think that will be? :) You can never be sure you won't drop the bike, or have some sort of prang, or (knock on wood), a real accident. If you like faired bike, then just get one.

    No, the engines are exactly the same, but really, the engine is not *that* likely to suffer in a slow speed drop. Most likely it will be the tank, exhaust, the handlebars and pegs that will come in contact with the ground first. Those, and if your bike is water cooled, there might also be a radiator and associated plumbing. Every time I see Suzuki SV650 or SV1000 I think how vulnerable that radiator looks sticking out a mile!