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New bike a few questions

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by GLOVED-ONE, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all first post and also new to road bikes.I have just got my learners and recently purchased a Yamaha XVS650Ax.Enjoying the experience and was just wondering if the exhaust can be modified(read bafflr removal or something similar)without buying a complete system or new mufflers.I only intend keeping the bike at this stage until my licance becomes unlimited,and as such do not want to outlay for a complete exhaust upgrade.If I can successfully make it flow better I will outlay for upgrade air cleaner to help it breath.Any suggestions welcome as stated earlier a newbie.Oh a 42 year old newbie.Tks brett

  2. First of all, a big welcome to Netrider, Brett.

    If you only plan on keeping the bike for a short period of time, is it a good idea to modify it at all?

    {psst, put your location (state at least) in your profile so we know which ridiculous set of laws you come under :lol;}
  3. Ok have installed my state of origin.

    As for the worth of modifying the bike ....Well yes I think it is worth it .The fact that i will upgrade in a year or so does not mean I will part with the bike(it may become my girlfriends ).But even so i still have to ride it round for a year or so before upgrading.I am not trying to turn it into a flame spitting demon but just would like a slightly louder than stock note and the benefits of a bit extra performance from freeing up the air intake and exhaust.

    Any feed back welcome . Tks Brett
  4. Yeah i'm with you, i agree, its only money, rip-it-up on fun I say !! just make more of it.
    As my Dad says, today a chook, tomorrow a feather duster.
  5. spyder

    Hey Choppaluver

    I notice you have the spyder pic in your profile, do you own one ?

    If you do, opinions so far please. :grin:
  6. Re: spyder

    Don't have one as yet, but dads a dealer and got on order for me as soon as in country mate. Was at their photo shoot today for their new brochure, heres a pic ... http://www.huntermotorcycles.com.au/Hunter_Brochure_Shoot.JPG
    P.S: Luv ya Sporty, they are such a great bike.
  7. Most exhaust places will be able to remove the baffles without much expense. You will need to reset the timing to get the best out of it as the 650 is a little underpowered you will notice the difference both in sound and performance.