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New bike - 600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue13, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I know - Another CBR600RR !!!
    In Ten Kate Colours this time.

    Very happy, first proper outing today.
    Razor sharp, very smooth motor.

    Different animal to Street Triple, on which I
    spent my last 10,000 K's



    Poster Shot for Detail
  2. mmm... i like shiny things!!! :)

    love that flash of green on there. Nice looking bike!
  3. all these people buying pirate bikes

    arr arr


    Actually fascinated by you travelling in the opposite direction to lots of others, going FROM Triumph, back to Japanese....
  4. All these people buying the new cbr600rr are starting to bug me. Somebody take pity and just give one to me.

    Yeah, yeah nice bike and all that stuff.
  5. very smart
  6. Congrats great looking bike.

    I'd love to hear a back to back review striple vs rr
  7. Another one! *Sighs. If Santa is reading this, I want one of these sitting under the tree next year. Please don't scratch it bringing it down the chimney :grin:
    Edit: Ooo, almost forgot, how do you find it compared to the Striple?
  8. Top choice mate, I've just gone past 750km's on mine and loving it more every day.
  9. Congrats on your purchase Rogue. Have heaps of fun :wink: .
  10. Funny you say that - it did come down to a choice between the
    Daytona and CBR. Both great bikes and always had a soft spot
    for the Daytona, but just fell in love with the ride and looks of the CBR.

    I think the CBR is currently the best all rounder in the 600 sport class,
    for my type of riding (longish day trips 200-600 k's) the Daytona's riding
    position is a little bit too "commited".

    IMO Fit/finish & build quality of the CBR600 is very good.
  11. bloody slack shop you bought it from mate.. not fitting the full sticker kit while building the bike..

    I'd take it back and insist they do it.. and do it properly.. :mad:
  12. Congrats on the purchase, nice looking bike, have fun
  13. nice looking bike!.. congrats!.. i'll be looking at a honda 600 or 1000 when i get of my Ps in 15 mths time!! cant wait!
  14. Drool drool! :LOL:

    The Ten Kate metallic white/silver looks heaps better than the standard red and black ones IMO.

    Yep same as MrtypeR I'm looking at a Honda CBR600RR. Although I only have 9 months of drooling left on my P's.
  15. love that bike!

  16. fender eliminator!! STAT
  17. I cant wait for my Telefonica replica....its prob still a few months away :(

    There is a explosion on 600RR. but I am still waiting to see them on the road. I usually only see the 04-06 ones. wondering where the new ones are.

    P.S. as an update on a fuel enquire regarding someone's 600RR
    I usually use BP ultimate on mine, but as a experiment I used the 95 one. I cant say I have felt any difference in power for normal road use.
  18. They are a great looking bike. They also have a sticker kit that comes with it. A friend of mine bought his last week from peter stevens.. These bike go really well. Good on you. Great choice
  19. Don't use 95, give your baby the best only. Not sure if it does actually make any difference, but my bike is there watching when I fill her up so I want to keep her happy and make sure she knows I'm spending more money on her.
  20. But isn't Ultimate stupidly inconsistant?
    Either way the bikes mapped to run 95 without detonation, so its more of a question of how clean the fuel is. There was a servo in Ballina i filled the 1000RR up at with 91, because the basterd filled all of the PULP tank with ULP it still ran fine didn't notice any detonation either. But i still dont go there.