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New bike - 2008 VFR800

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by El Damo, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. After far too long on my Ls, I finally got off restrictions about a month ago and have treated myself to this:




    I picked it up yesterday and have put just over 100Km on it so far. The acceleration & potential speed are definitely a big step up from my previous VT250C.

    I can't really comment on the VTEC operation yet. As I'm still (a) running the engine in, and (b) getting used to the extra power, I'm being fairly conservative with the throttle. The only time I've got the VTEC to kick in was very briefly as I accelerated past 100Km/H (there are places where that's legal) in 3rd. It did make quite a nice sound.

    I think I'm going to enjoy this a lot.

    [edit - added when I picked up bike (19/12, not a month ago)]

  2. Congrats on the new bike ... .she's purdy =P~
  3. Very nice mate, good colour choice too i like the titanium/grey colour.

  4. Very nice looking bike there mate.

    I like the colour too.

  5. Noice choice of bike mate.

    nice to see someone NOT jumping off a 250 straight onto a litre sports bike.

    but there would still be plenty of power there to keep you interested.

    you gunna do some touring on her? I hear they are a great sports tourer.

    congrats and enjoy

  6. looks the goods mate, enjoy it, safe riding
  7. Looks bloody awesome !!

  8. Very nice and love the colour.

    This is on my shortlist for upgrades when I get off restrictions.
  9. Serious case of envy here! Beautiful bike there! :applause:
  10. Thanks everyone.

    No specific touring plans yet. But as I don't own a car, but do occasionally travel just over the Vic/NSW border, the ability to ride long distances in reasonable comfort was a big consideration when shortlisting bikes.

    I'm hoping to get in a trip to either Sydney or Adelaide within the next 15 months.
  11. Nice :grin:

    Always liked that colour, you'll enjoy it!
  12. Well Done Mate! You're seen the light early on my friend! You won't be sorry with your purchase. The VFR is one fine bike! I've got 20,000kms on mine and I still wander out to the garage to sit and just look every now and again.
    Oh, do yourself a favour and checkout www.staintune.com.au :cool:
    Best sound in the world = VFR with a set of staintunes.
  13. the worst possible way to run in your new bike is to be "conservative" with the throttle..

    your bike has already been run to the red line in every gear at the factory before being shipped..

    if you read the manual it states - no full throttle starts and avoid constant rpms..

    just ride the bugger at different throttle openings and not constant rpms.. also try allow the bike to slow down via engine braking

    enjoy your new bike
  14. I don't know why, but the VFR800 has to be one of the best looking and most practical bikes I really think I'll never own.

    Just don't want one.

    Yours looks ace though, enjoy it and stuff!
  15. Yeah, my budget didn't stretch to the 800, so I settled for a VFR750. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L bike.

    The hardest thing about buying a VFR early in your riding life is what to upgrade to in a few years time! Almost everything will seem like a bit of a step down. :grin:

    Enjoy M8!
  16. Ever ridden one?
  17. That's actually what I'm doing. When I said "conservative with the throttle" I just meant avoiding full-throttle starts and really rapid acceleration. I've certainly explored the full range of revs - I'm just taking longer to get from 0RPM to redline than I might otherwise do.

    As for enjoying the bike - 270Km yesterday, via Hurstbridge, Kinglake, Yea, & Lilydale. :)

    After checking a few Youtube vids, I have to say I like the Staintune sound on the VFR. However, at around $1,300 it won't be an immediate purchase. Not saying I'll never get them, but it's going to have to wait a while.
    But you're right - they do sound very nice.
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    I like Staintunes but I'm even more partial to the sound of Leo Vince:
  19. Some people buy their bike of choice first time = no need for upgrade :p
  20. very nice choice, my boyfriend sold a Cb1300 to buy one of these and he loves it to death