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New bike - 2002 Kwaka ZX-2R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mipearson, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Heading down to Peter Stevens in Melbourne today to put down a deposit. $7500 on road for a 2002 model with 4000k's on the clock. My loan's been approved, so hopefully I'll have the rest of the money by the weekend and should be riding again on Monday.

    All I've got to say is: Wheeeeeee!
  2. Well done on the new purchase.
  3. awesome, enjoy the bike man they are a nice bike.
    what color??? lol
  4. Great choice of bike.. :) Congrats!
  5. woooohoooooo..... glad you seen the light.....ain't no such thing as too many Kwaka's,
  6. Congrats on your new purchase :) May you have many happy hours of riding it around :D
  7. Congrats on the new bike!!! Hope to see it at coffee night soon :)
  8. Congrats! Can I have a ride? :wink: :D
  9. congrats mate!

    which color... i was in there couple of days ago looking at one of those.

    your in the area... would love to check it out, or see it on a fri coffee nite :D
  10. 2003 model, silver with black highlights and black/orange stickers. 4,000 on the clock. Perfect condition. Confirmed to pick it up on Tuesday, and I'll try to bring it to the May 1st ride and coffee.

    I can't wait - can't get any work done for thinking about the bloody bike...

    i was the same...

    had mine 2 weeks now and put 1000 more ks on the clock!

    good choice and right time to get some good whether riding in before the cold sets in

  12. Is this one of the models that came from Canada. When I was shopping for my bike I heared that Kawasaki Canada was over stocked due to a very bad winter they had last year or the year before and most of the bikes they couldn't sell ended up in Australia??????
  13. Yep, this is one of them. Peter Stevens still have a couple new for $8900 + ORC.
  14. Well get that shinny little bike to the ride on sunday. That was my first bike and you will love it! Chuck on a pipe and she screams with delight, 19,000 rpm red line will do that 8)
  15. Won't be making Sunday - I'm probably picking it up this coming Wed, Tuesday if I'm lucky.

    Revved it a bit at PS. Sounded perfect....
  16. Enjoy the new bike!

    I have the exact same one. I bought mine with 1km on the clock, it now has just under 5000. I'm having a ball!

    Those black stickers were a bit wanky, so i took mine off. Looks heaps better for it too. A hair dryer works really well, leaving no residue. But, the tank stickers are at one with the paint, so don't bother trying to remove those, unless you want to respray the tank! Just a tip!

    Again, enjoy the new ride.
  17. Thanks man!

    The black stickers are staying - I don't mind them, and I'm worried that I'd stuff up the removal or hurt the resale value of the bike.