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new bike...10 minute ride...1 hour push

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rip, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. CAUTION: long, rambly and probably not very interesting post ahead. Ye be warned!

    Picked up the new (well, for me anyway) bike last night - a 91 VFR750 as a fixer-upper. Cheap, unregistered, garaged for a year but running. Apparently it was taken off the road for charging issues (should have thought a bit more about that).

    So I had a look over it, noticed a few things - one fork seal, front tire low, brake pads low but ok, fairings scuffed etc, but otheerwise i looked pretty good. The battery was shagged after a year in storage, but a quick jump start and it fired up.

    The small part of me that remembered about battery problems I had with my old zzr was trying to say something at this point, but the rest of me was caught up in the sound of the thing - a twist of the throttle and it snarled...

    A short ride down the street showed brakes worked, gearbox was a bit clunky but otherwise good, and the riding position worked for me. A short bargaining session, a drive to 'think about it', and I was back with the cash, secretly terrified that in the half hour I was gone someone else had bought 'my' VFR. So I got carried away.

    I had originally planned to hire a trailer, but a bit of persuasion at the Queensland Transport Office and I had a permit to move an unregistered vehicle.

    So, at 9 in the evening, I turned up, geared up, and took off!

    I made it to the end of the street before stalling. Either the back brakes on the VFR are really good, or those on my old zzr were rubbish. Push the starter and...nothing.

    Still all is not lost, and after three goes in front of an audience, including a brown trousers moment when I let my hand off the clutch a bit early and it fired while I was still running alongside, I manage a roll start. One of the spectators was filming, so keep an eye on youtube:)

    take #2: Off again, this time for longer, and I'm really starting to enjoy myself. Its comfy, sounds great, and pulls like a train (in my limited experience). 10 minutes later, I'm stopped at traffic lights facing up a slope, go to take off, and nothing. Its apparently decided I've had my fun for the evening, and runs out of electricity.

    Insert an hour of pushing, swearing and sweating before I give up, leave it in a car park and catch the bus home. Got it towed this morning - cost less than the permit to move.

    As on other occasions, I was pleasantly surprised how many people helped along he way. I would like to thank:

    - the middle-aged man on the beautiful-looking old BMW twin, who stopped to see if I was ok.
    - the four guys in the Chermside mall carpark who pushed me up and down the carpark a half dozen times to try and start it, and
    - the guy closing up his shop at 10:30, who gave me a jump start (wouldn't run without the jumper cables) and let me park in a customer space outside his shop overnight.

    I'd also like to recommend Garry's Motorcycle Towing (0412738473), who was easy to get onto, quick and cheap. Nice guy too.


  2. Sounds like fun. I assume you got it cheap? Probably won't be too much, new battery, maybe generator, change all the fluids and you've got yourself a bundle of good times waiting to happen!
  3. Regulator/rectifier - it's a Honda specialty :roll:
  4. similar happened when i picked up mine. killed the (old) battery trying to do hill a hill start in what i now figure must have been 2nd gear!

    Was about 500m from home but on a nice big hill, facing up it :LOL:
  5. +1 for the Reg/Rec? Same thing happened to my old Spada a few years ago. Luckily I was 3 k's from home.
  6. :LOL:


    Because the others have already diagnosed it I can laugh at you without guilt.
  7. oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Didn't read the whole post, knew straight away there was your problem.

  9. Yep. Nieces hubby bought a Honda, and a few weeks later on his way home from work...........................................nothing :cry: . You guessed it, regulator/rectifier's gone to shite. He was told this is a common problem with Honda's too......and people bag the Hyosungs :facepalm: ......son's is going just fine :wink: .
  10. i thoguht it would've been the failure of the flux capacitor

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. New bat & as everybody has told you...an R1 reg/rec maybe cheaper than the honda version!
  12. hehe always good when the community comes together to help each other! When my bike got knocked over outside harrys cafe like 6 people came to help and 4 of them offered witness statements, maybe they didnt like the look of the smug woman in the clk200 pretending she didnt know what happened :)
  13. Must be the week for us middle aged <cough> men on beautiful <cough, cough> old BMW twins to stop and try to help.

    Last Sunday I stopped on Westgate to see if I could help a guy on a cruiser. He had just bought it and done a grand total of 4Km before it died on him on just before the bridge.

    It started a gain and we couldn't find anything obviously wrong so I escorted him to the Westagate servo where he was putting some fuel in, just in case. He had a mate in a car with him so I left them to it. Hopefully he made it back to Carnegie OK.
  14. Not saying that everyone is wrong about the reg/rec, however it might just be the battery. The fact that it isn't charging probably means that it is buggered but I would be checking the battery first. Just because its a honda doesn't mean it is always a reg/rec problem.
  15. If it does turn out to be the Regulator use some of this behind the metal base of the regulator where it bolts to the sub frame. Most Honda regulator problems are heat issues.
  16. Thanks for the tips. Its getting a new battery to start with, as the current one isn't holding charge - no surprise after a year. The regulator has been replaced a some point with one from a later cbr600. Doesn't look as though its been wired in too well. Does anyone have any advice on how to diagnose a faulty reg/rec?
  17. The fact that it stopped after running for a bit suggests it's not just the battery.

    Usually once started a vehicle will keep running if the batter is stuffed.

    He's going to replace the battery (won't hurt). It could also be the alternator itself.
  18. Use a multimeter and check the volts on the battery when engine revving. Should be about 13.5 to 14Vdc.

    Check the resistance of the stator, 3 yellow wires at RR, should be less than 1 ohm wire to wire, and very high ohms any wire to earth. About 55Vac should be measured across these wires when engine is running, if you can, got to poke the meter probes around a bit.

    There is a plug and socket joint in the wiring between the stator and the RR under the RHS fairing. There are 3 yellow wires go through it and the contacts should be all nice and clean, it is a weak link in the charging system and the wires are best soldered together, after chopping out the plug and socket. You don't have to worry about which wires go to which.

    Without making this story too long there is a heap of info at vfr discussion, google is your friend, use the search function for RR. There is not much the inhabitants there don't know about VFR's
  19. I had this happen to me today, just after I got onto the Monash in peak hour. :evil: I had the same and got it started enough times to get off the freeway but gave up after getting onto the Malvern road and got the bike picked up and moved to my mechanics (RACV total care paid for itself today) where this issue was diagnosed. The result, the battery had been getting too much charge and was fried / boiled dry. I hope to have it back on the road by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. I was stuffed after all the pushing. :shock:

    To top it off I had a work mate driving by who recognised the bike and me pushing the bike up the road. At least he stopped to see if I needed anything. :grin: Something to laugh about at work.