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New bike, 09 cbr600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kubira, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Just scored a lil cbr600, 09 model, not many k's very tidy.. But it has no headlights](*,)
    umm... :-({|=

    so if anyone has headlights.. id be keen on buying them, they can come off any cbr 600 from 07-11

    installed a couple pics aswell


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  2. Ummm...do you know why it has no headlights?
    They are an excellent bike, but no headlights suggest it has been a track bike only?
    Or pranged, and not repaired completely, with track work in mind, perhaps?
    Just sound a bit sus...?
  3. Ebay is your friend!

    Also bike looks noice! :)
  4. Looks like its been pranged to me...on the left side there is a piece of the fairing missing between the CBR bit and the tank!
  5. yeah i got it for a pretty penny ;)

    its just been stripped naked, 2 pieces of race glass on it so far tonight, that i got today.. Bit of a bugger to fit, but looks like it will take.

    Front damage destroyed the headlights im told, also done a number on the ram air plastics.. A few bits on the way from around the globe, just needing headlights now, but no urgency, it'll be wrapped in race glass most of the year anyway

    I doubt its seen a track, it was bought brand new out of a shop late '10, original tyres too id say, bt015's, chicken strips intact
  6. Nice find mate, I got a cheap 07 recently. eBay USA is your friend, especially while the dollar is so good.
  7. looks good mate ... I have an '08 600rr myself and I love it to bits ...

    you can probably get some headlights on ebay, did u have a search ? alternatively, go to wreckers in ur area, might find something.

    after that, get on those mods!
  8. yeah ive had a look, theres a few there, mostly usa ofcourse, most with broken tabs tho, Im not too keen on broken tabs.
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