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New Bike - 02 F4i

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pedro78, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Picked up my new bike yesterday.
    Its a 2002 Honda CBR600F4i
    Came with a Ventura rack & bag, MRA tinted screen and best of all has only done 6900kms.


  2. how much did you pay for it man?

    Im thinking about one of these as a track bike, im scared off a bit by the handlebar position(im a poser what can i say, and i havent seen any photos of them with clip ons)

    Top ride from all accounts though man. Nice buy.
  3. Lovely & indestructable.
    Aftermarket exhaust lets you know when the engine is on, though.
    I had a '99 model & it made me into a better rider than I am now without it.
    I knew 2x blokes who had one, one of then had it maintained religiously & the other just spent the money to put petrol & tyres on it. After 80,000kms & good wash I rode both & couldn't tell the difference between them.
  4. F4i this is good bike

    Photos this is good thread
  5. Nice looking bike Pedro, looks in bloody good nick..... :wink:

    Hey!, your missus just layin' about bludgin' or wot......... :mad:

    Tell her to go an' do some friggin' washing, after all.............

    wots a clothesline for ?.. to prop up a Honda.......?? :p

    nice ride mate,
  6. Nice ;) This is where I'm going when I have the money for an upgrade if I'm still in Aus :grin:
  7. :biker:
  8. looks great.

    how many cc's are these?
    how many hp they put out?
  9. Very nice F4i I *almost* brought a silver and red one of these, but the 636 "fitted" me better
  10. [​IMG]

    Read OP a 2nd, 3rd, & 4th time if necessary [​IMG]

    More than you can handle n00b [​IMG]

  11. That is begging to be stunted, look it comes with 12 bar opps my bad I mean ventura rack :facepalm:
  12. i love my f4i too
  13. This is good opinion
  14. im sure it is more than i can handle. im a p plater..

    ok so its a 600cc..

  15. HINT:


    Be Ninja Kitten, not dog.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys, I’m very happy with it so far.
    The fuel injection is definitely an advantage for starting it in the colder weather.
  17. Until you understand whats now been said to you on 3 occassions,
    kindly STFU.

    Do the research instead of trashing someone elses thread with
    your dribble.

    Time to update ya garage details bud [​IMG]

    Plans for matching leathers? [​IMG]
  18. nice bike :)
    wonder how much it cost you.....

  19. Nah i still have 4 weeks until I’m off restrictions so at the moment I’m still riding the across.
    The F4i’s been put on ice until then.
  20. You'll be doing well if you can avoid the temptation for a month [​IMG]

    Fun times ahead for you mate [​IMG]