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New beginner rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GemmaG, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Hi!
    I am new to riding and do not yet own a bike. I have my L's and am going for my first lesson next week. Very excited :) The type of riding I am interested in will be mostly trail riding and perhaps a bit of commuting to work however I am planning on getting a road trail bike...or a road registered dirt bike (i don't really understand if there is a difference or not?)
    Ive been researching into these bikes and im stuck trying to find a beginner bike that is road/trail and that isnt too tall. I am a female who is 165cm tall and weigh 45kg so i am struggling to find one that I can reach the floor while sitting and one that isnt too heavy. I sat on a KLX 150 the other day but I can only just touch the ground when pretty much hanging off the bike. Wanted to go to a few bike shops today but they are all closed on Sundays

    If someone could please point me in the right direction of the forum to ask this information that would be great! I know this issue must come up often, but all the posts i have found regarding road/trail for short light females are years old.

    Thank you

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  2. Welcome to the forum. Trail/semi-off road bikes are going to be, by nature, higher as they need to cope with the demands of going bush - rather than just smooth tarmac or the occasional gravel. There may be a few models suitable for you (165cm is by no means that short, plenty of shorter riders on here), or you could look into getting a specific bike you like lowered.

    When you sit on bikes to try them, ensure you're wearing your bike boots, not runners or something...

    Good luck
  3. Welcome, GemmaGGemmaG

    Check out cycle-ergo.com for sizing

    A dual-sport bike can often be a version of a trail bike with lights and a number plate mount, which can therefore be road registered.
  4. Remember that all the bikes u sit on in the shops can be modified to be lower if u need it to be. Chat with one of the mechanics at the dealership about what's involved. Some google searching might also help. Good luck
  5. thanks everyone for making me feel welcomed, your tips have been helpful :) whereabouts on the netrider website is the correct place to ask for suggestions on suitable bikes or the types of bikes similar statured beginners have? im not that great with computers...

  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome :D

    You'll find a bike that suits you, just keep looking and sitting on them.
  8. Under Product Services is Bike Review Questions... You can ask there.

    Welcome :)
  9. welcome to Netrider Gemma :)