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New Beast!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WGM, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. After the sudden and tragic loss of the Beemer (K1100LT SE for those who can't remember) I was stuffed if I knew what to replace it with. Had lots of good advice from other NetRiders.

    Checked out the GTR1000 (bit old) and the GTR1400 (if only I had the cash!).
    Surveyed the BMW range - in particular the K1200GT (felt weird on the the front end, could have just been cos it was an ex-cop bike). Liked the look of the K1200LT but I am not old enough for the arm chair yet. Had to abandon the Beemers much to my own dismay.
    A friend recommended the Bandit 1250S. Two Suzuki dealers said they were having trouble getting them in so couldn't even see one.
    Tried the FJR1300. Nice bike but with Ms WGM on the back was a little squishy. Nothing to do with the fact that I have a generous girth!! I am sure it was the bikes fault. Again it was front heavy at low speeds.
    Some suggested the BlackBird but I just couldn't see it happening. I am more a tourer than a sporty kind of rider.

    Finally found an ST1300 (2003 model with 33,000km). Have made the deal and we are just going through the roadworthy, payment, handover stuff this week. The guy who owns it works at Honda so they have done some "tweaking" to the Maps. Not being a techo, this means little to me except to say that on the test ride, I was doing 100k before I new it, I thought the speedo must be out because I got there so quick and I still had three gears to use! Have been grinning like an idiot since the deal was made yesterday and I haven't even got the bike yet.

    Before I get blasted, here are some pictures.




    Sorry Kutulu, these are just the images off Bike Point. Once I have the new Beast I will post some more. Please forgive me :)

    I am away on the 23rd weekend otherwise i would have enjoyed the MoleHill run. Have to create a beastly weekend to try it out!

    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice.

    See you on the road

  2. Hey

    I was only thinking of you the other day and was wondering how you were going with replacement

    awesome choice!!!

    hows it feel from the old Beemer??
    looking forward to seeing the 'I just got my new beast' Photos

  3. Hey Tracey

    It feels so much more zippy. Well it did for the test ride anyway. Less fairing and fibro glass on the front. A lot more responsive but still big and toury (I think that's a word!) Been without the Beemer since Dec 6th so feels like ages since I have had a decent ride.

    Now I got to wait for the dude to get the roadworthy, change over rego (he has peronsalised plates that he wanted to keep) and we are all sweet to go. Should pick it up next weekend.

    Then i think I will go for a cruise! Depending on when i can get it, I plan to shoot down the South Gippy to leongatha or somewhere down there for a spin. Will be good to have some wheels again.

    Then I can start frequentling some of the coffee nights too!!

    Thanks again for thinking of me.

  4. Thats a great bike, i love the look of the longitudinal mounted v4. Being a v4 it would probably sound horn as well with the right pipe on it. Hope you enjoy it! :cool:
  5. Thanks Dave

    I must confess at the moment it is very quiet. Not sure if I will play around with the pipes yet. Something to save for i suppose! Looking forward to riding it regularly. May not be able to wipe the smile off my face for a while though!!

  6. Have a lot of fun, looks nice. I had the sideways v-twin from Honda and that was a nice engine, I wonder how these compare...
  7. Thanks Cam

    Never had a Honda before so will be good to try it out. We'll have to compare notes over a drink or three!

    Hope you sold the GTR easily!

  8. Well done but I cant believe Suzuki may have lost another sale because they wont import enough 1250s. Someone at Suzuki Aust needs a good kick in the arse :mad:
  9. Hey 2Wheels.

    Yeah - a friend had recommended the Bandit it as a serious contender. I had my reservations as I wasn't sure it would be big enough. As they didn't have any around I couldn't confirm it. So Suzuki missed out!

    Hope your missus got a megapaying job!

  10. Yes I did thanks, I have found Honda to be a good brand in general, the
    most obvious quirk is that they consider themselves a 'mass'
    manufacturer who can make enough units to make whatever
    parts they want, therefore they often use non-standard sizes in
    bearings, bolts, etc that you can't buy off the shelf from bearing shops
    or bolt shops. Not a problem, cause the parts are available, just a quirk.
    All the Hondas I had have really eaten up the miles quite happily.