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New battery

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Leighbus, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Just got a new battery for the vtr, it one of those ones you have to fill with electrolyte yourself.

    My question is can I start using the battery straight away after I fill it or does it need to be charged overnight first.
  2. before start, I waited at least 30 mins
  3. Although they are known as "dry charged" and will work straight away, to get the best life out of them it is usually suggested they be charged first.
  4. Minimum is to wait 30 mins to an hour. However whenever I have got one they say charging first would help the battery life. In idea why? And if anyone has ideas would be interested to find out.
  5. It needs to be charged first to flush out the nooks and crannies where there's no smoke in the battery. Of course, if you ever let the smoke out of it, you'll have to throw it away and get a new one because letting the smoke out of electrical shit buggers it.
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  6. Yep. The magic smoke needs to be kept in at all costs.

    This actually reminds me of Phlogiston Theory
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  7. The 30 min+ wait is to allow the acid to be fully absorbed by the matting between the plates, and for the bubbling to subside, before sealing & charging. I tried once to seal & charge the battery a bit too soon, and it would not accept a charge from one of the newer style chargers. It would 30 minutes later though.

    I think the reason for recommending a charge after filling, is that the dry charging / filling with acid, does not bring the battery up to a full 100% charged state. They also anticipate that the bike may be used for short distance runs, start & stop, and a weak charging system may only just be recovering the loss from the starting up, before it is shut off again. Therefore the battery may be left in a continuously discharged state from day 1, which shortens its life.
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