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New bars for the Monster.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Yellow Meanie, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals, thanks for all the warm welcome's and nice comments about "The Meanie". Now it's time to tap into all the collective knowledge from my new NR friends!

    I always thought that the upright positioning of the Monster would be great around town - and it is. But the long ride down the coast had my wrists feeling like I'd endured some kind of 13th century torture.
    Maybe it was the nerves of being a new, bigger bike that I wasn't used to. Or maybe it was just that it was such a long haul, and the fact my movement on the bike was quite restricted due to the tank bag in front of me.
    I did find, however, that it I changed my grip so my wrists were straighter, it was a lot more comfortable. My current (stock) bars have quite a bit of rise and a fair amount of sweep as well.

    So, I thought, if I went to something like this, it might cure my problem.
    Can anyone identify these bars for me? I'd like to have a look at some and also see if they will clear my forks. :)

    BUT - after my first taste of some real twistys. I'm thinking I might have to get down even lower, and further forward. Even on the ride home on the highway, I found way more comfortable to be down lower, tucked in behind the screen more.
    Would clip-ons then be more suited? Or would they be too low?

    Hmm - decisions decisions.

    Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated - Thanks!
  2. I'd hazard a guess that those bars are from some sort of dirt bike e.g. motocross or enduro.
    I find that there is less room to manoeuvre with a tank bag and so generally don't use it for touring. I've got other options for that: Ventura bags, Kriega back pack and Ducati - Mandarina Duck panniers.
    I've ridden about 120,000km with standard handlebars on my Monster. Before, changing your bars you need to consider what sort of riding you are going to be doing.
    I've ridden 998, 999 and 1098S and the sports bike - clip ons can be very comfortable at speed. It all depends on your ergonomics.

    Another option that I remembered is the bars from Suburban Machinery in the USA. R_usty from DMF had a set. They are reminiscent of the Cafe Racer bars that came out during the 70s. Quite funky.
  3. They just look like some standard motocross bars, any bike shop will have something similar. Bear in mind that they are very wide, that was something I didn't like about the new 696 monsters, very wide bars, but YMMV. That might interefere with splittting if you do such a thing.

    Clipons will be bad (IMO) for commuting, you will be down a lot lower & will not be able to see over cars as easily. Probably hit the tank at full lock, but you can get around that.

    Another thing to take into consideration before you change the bars is the angle they sit at: moving them forward or back can alter the way you sit, & ideally, you should have very little (or no) weight on your wrists.

    Play around with the angle of the bars, see if that helps.

  4. You might want to check out the monster S4RS bars - they're made/supplied by Magura and are an alloy tapered bar with different ergonomics (I think they're slightly wider/lower). I'm putting the Magura bars on my monster using a set of Rizoma adapters which will give it a little bit of rise as well..the tapered alloy bars are supposed to transmit less vibration and hence better comfort for longer rides - they look heaps better than the stock bars too.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I'll definitely have a play with the angle when I get home, maybe rotating them back a notch or two will make a difference.

    As G said, I really need to think about what sort of riding I do.
    Well for starters, I don't commute. I wouldn't exactly call traffic in Launceston "heavy" either (What's peak-hour again?).
    I don't plan to do much touring, if any, on the Monster. If I do, I would invest in a rack anyway.
    The only riding around town I do, is a quick trip to do some errands, or down to the video store, or maybe past a few bars on a Friday arvo so the girlies can hear the v-twin :LOL: .
    So, when it comes down to it, the only real riding I do, is riding just for the hell of it! My main priority then is to be comfortable through the twisties and at speed.

    I'm not real sure about the Suburban machinery bars - maybe a little too funky for me...

    I haven't found the Magura bars yet Hank, but I'll check them out.