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New "baby" Ninja250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ushario, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. I have been trying to get info on this bike for a while now, as its release was annouced late last year. To my dismay, until recently, I hadn't been able to get more than "its going to come out in the first quarter of 08"

    Well, after a chat with a dealership, I can now tell you these things -

    The bike will cost $7400 on road.
    17 inch wheels and a "full" fairing (fairing LOOKS larger in pics than ZZR250s)

    -6 speed
    -Fuel capacity 18L
    -Dry weight 151kg.

    I can't upload any images atm due to the email I recieved (from the dealer) being in PDF format :mad:

    I think the bike looks awesome, far better than the ZZR from the pics.
    Basically the same engine, with a few tweaks I think...
    Hopefully anyone else having trouble finding info will find this useful, I will try to find a way to upload the file - if at all possible. Feel free to give hints! :grin:
  2. Wow, it nearly weighs as much as a cbr600rr. (155kg)

    GPX dry weight is 138kg.
  3. 08_Ninja250R_Left.

    Looks very much like its bigger brothers.
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  5. yes you can. look next to the magnifying glass. there's a camera icon called snapshot. you may copy any section of a pdf document to your clipboard.
  6. Sorry about the double post on the bike, it was a bit late for me so I didn't check.
  7. found these pics online, from a japanese bike show.. looks much better than standard!! (or am i crazy and this is a totally different bike?)


  8. Very nice. Its the same bike, with a buttload of track orientation going into it - I'm guessing kawa has had it made up to get the racers interested in it. There is quite a big 250r racing scene in the states, this might be their attempt to get them interested in the new bike. I wonder if they'd make official aftermarket racing parts for it available...
  9. my google search came up fruitless, but I believe there is a list of track-focused dealership options boxes you can tick.
  10. i ordered mine today, didnt get to tick any boxes :(
  11. i ordered mine today, didnt get to tick any boxes :([/quote]

    How much and when do you get it?
  12. Does anyone have know of any online reviews of this bike?
  13. dakidmas, race replica are doing them for $7000 ride away.

    no confirmed date for delivery, as the first batch is already spoken for.
  14. thanks for that, I just called my local kawa dealer and they are $7400 ride away, 2 left in this shipment, then most likely a month wait or so.

    I only found out about these today through the forums, was going to get a '07 model zzr-250 but why pay the extra grand when I can get one of these little beauties.
  15. that's sucky. the above exhaust looks hott.
  16. They look hot anyway!

    I've got to secure a loan before im gonna put down a deposit on mine tho