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N/A | National New awareness advert 'Take a Longer Look'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Maurice Blackburn, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. #1 Maurice Blackburn, Oct 24, 2012
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    Good morning Netrider,

    Adam from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers here - I'm delighted to premier the Stop SMIDSY "Take a Longer Look" motorcycle awareness advert here on Netrider!


    In 84% of rider fatalities, where drivers turned into, or across, the path of the motorcycle ***8211; the driver was at fault. Not the motorcyclist. Before you turn. Take a longer look.

    Thank you!
    It's been one hell of a journey and I'd like to thank Netrider for its ongoing support of this campaign. :applause: We've done the best we can with the budget at our disposal and hope you can get behind this crucial communication. A special shout out to Gozer Studio and Motorcycling Australia's Riders' Division who have been instrumential in this campaign. Shamus, Jamses, Rob and Bron have given a lot of their time and expertise to make this happen - well done! :applause:

    Will it be on TV?
    The ad will run on Foxtel from the end of the month and we're currently trying to secure community spots too in addition to free media around this important issue.

    See You At the MotoGP!
    Stop SMIDSY will be at the MotoGP Expo this weekend so if you fancy meeting the team and the talent or would like some stickers be sure too drop by.

    Please Share!
    I encourage you all to share this ad with friends, family and anyone who'll listen so we can get the message out there.

    With thanks to:
    Australia's riding community: Especially to those who took the time to share their stories
    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Adam Kostick, Rebecca Hanlan, John Voyage
    Gozer Studio - Shamus Hoare, James Armstrong
    Motorcycling Australia - Rob Smith, Bronwyn Sorensen
    Hair/Makeup - Love Hawkridge

    The following media release went out this morning:

    Drivers warned to ***8216;Take a longer look***8217; in new motorcycle awareness campaign

    As thousands of motorcyclists head to Phillip Island this weekend for the 2012 MotoGP, drivers everywhere are being warned to be more vigilant and ***8216;take a longer look***8217; for motorcyclists in a powerful new motorcycle awareness video.

    The video, titled ***8220;Take a longer look***8221; highlights VicRoads and TAC figures which show that in 84% of rider fatalities, where drivers turned into, or across, the path of the motorcycle ***8211; the driver was at fault. Not the motorcyclist.* ( view video here insert link)

    Featuring the Stop SMIDSY ambassador (SMIDSY=Sorry Mate, I Didn***8217;t See You)
    Bronwyn Sorensen, the sole female competitor in her class in the 2012 Australian Superbike Championships, the video puts the responsibility back on drivers to be more alert. Ms Sorensen is also the Membership and Training Officer of the Australian Riders' Division of Motorcycling Australia, a commuter and a mother.

    The video is supported by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Motorcycling Australia.
    John Voyage principal at Maurice Blackburn said:

    "In the lead up to this weekend, riders from around the country will be descending on Phillip Island for the 2012 MotoGP. We are urging Victorian drivers this week, and always, to be doubly mindful of their responsibilities towards riders on the road. When it comes to road safety it's not just down to motorcyclists, it's up to everyone.***8221;

    ***8220;Contrary to what is often claimed, motorcyclists are not to blame for serious collisions and we have the figures to back that up.***8221;

    Maurice Blackburn is proud to be supporting a growing campaign for change for riders, giving them a voice online and in social media, tackling legislative threats and producing compelling advertising and awareness campaigns.

    The video message was funded by motorcycle riders around the country who purchased fundraising Stop SMIDSY t-shirts raising over $5,000 for motorcycle awareness projects - this inspired creative agency Gozer Studio, run by riders, to largely volunteer their services.

    *VicRoads' crash information system 2007-10 and TAC's fatal diary

    Background http://www.lawyers4riders.com.au/ and https://www.facebook.com/stopsmidsy

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  2. Absolutely sensational!!!!!

    Top marks for a highly professional effort, congrats to everyone involved

    If it just stops ONE motorist turning across the path of ONE motorcyclist without looking, it will still be worth it.
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  3. Fantastic, absolutely trumps the rubbish the TAC comes up with, top job, thank you very much! Will share on my facebook and pay to promote it!
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  4. Excellent stuff! Congrats and thanks go out to all who have pulled this together.
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  5. hmm, how much would it cost to get this on a commercial channel, and/or could the ABC or SBS be persuaded to run it as a public interest item???
  6. We're working on it - will keep you posted.
  7. A simple, clear message delivered with brevity and economy. This is how it's done. Thank you.
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  8. awesome job guys and gals.

    Thank You.
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  9. Not a chance on ABC, as MB might be seen to benefit. But the rest are fair game.
    Simple, punchy, direct...eloquent as much for what it doesn't say as what it does. Beautiful job.
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  10. Well done, a simple yet potent message to drivers, good that its on Foxtel, so it goes national.
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  11. Good work! Just posted it on faceplant.
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  12. Not a chance on ABC*, as MB might be seen to benefit. But the rest are fair game.
    Simple, punchy, direct...eloquent as much for what it doesn't say as what it does. Beautiful job.

    (*might open the door for TAC, too).
  13. good stuff
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  14. Hi Guys,

    Excellent work by all; I for one am very greatful that you have devoted so much effort and time over so many months to get this done.

    Seeing this just shows what can be done if you actually have our interests in mind when making an ad.

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. That is great. Hope it can wake some drivers up... awesome work Maurice Blackburn and all those who worked on this.
  16. Brilliant work by all involved, nice to see some truthful stats out there other than the regurgitated junk science used by the TAC.

    Imagine what else you could achieve with a nice chunk of "motorcycle levy", money. This budget effort certainly puts the multimillion dollar TAC campaign in the shade, who would have thought that those who ride are the most qualified to make an advertisement that would resonate with motorcyclists](*,)

    Top Effort:applause:
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  17. Good clear ad on the SMIDSY topic. Thanks and good work :applause:

    It does raise the (slightly OT) question of why did the TAC run their ad in the first place. 2007-2011 was about 200*4 = 800 crashes. So 40 'turn across the path' accidents (38, but we're rounding) is a pretty small percentage of fatalities -- only 5%. Still, 84% of that 5% was pretty much negligent homicide by drivers which is not acceptable.

    Without re-looking at the data I recall that a heap of the fatalities were 'failure to negotiate a bend' type crashes. Perhaps more rider training might be a better option? A rider awareness campaign comparing track days to safe sex?? Or even just to sex?
    "Track days, are you getting any?"
    "The average motorcyclist thinks about cornering every 7 seconds."
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  18. Unless it gets a run (maybe vs TAC) on Gruen. Although I have no idea just how much part PR plays in what gets aired on that show.
  19. Sent to everyone I know in my address book....

    So far 15 replies indicating that they will send it on to all their contacts as well.

    Might have been a bit cheeky and sent it to our other "friends" as well.

    Cheers Jeremy