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New Average Speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. #1 peter-reebok, Apr 9, 2007
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    Saw these yesterday, and they have two cameras, one facing each way, so bikes with a rear numberplate will be photograhed (imaged?) as well.

    Apparently (I was talking to a vicroads fellow) they also expect significant revenue from cars that have obscured numberplates at one end of the car, or different plates front and rear (yes it happens).

    All can be summonsed from the comfort of a lazy boy back at fine HQ

  2. Quite a contrast that "revenue Bracks" was saying on last Thursday or Friday stating he hopes they get NO revenue from these cameras. :jerk: I'd like to see what he said off camera to his bosum buddies back in the office. I know what would happen if I ever met him in a dark alley by ourselves :blackeye: :wink:

    And to think my parents showed me the "Labor" values back when I was a kid. Can't really say either of the 2 main parties are any different now when it comes to the big scheme of it all. Both lie to your face with a straight face. :evil:
  3. Where can i get those ^ number plate thingos from? :grin:
  4. hmm, fair call, if your from sydney and you know someone and you do think they'd do it for me for a reasonable price, could you pm me please [-o<
  5. ](*,) I guess those toll gate tickets will just keep piling up :( lol
  6. Flip up plates are fine for ground based cameras, but are they effective for overheads??
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  8. Just back onto the cameras, AFAIK, they are in independent pairs, so if you speed up between the 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th, & 6th and 7th cameras, you wont get pinged... if you zone out though... you might get all confooosed and speed up through the wrong set! LOL

    ...I was on the westgate the other day, heading west, before the camera, and a bike zoomed past me, with his plate flapping up and down he was waving hello... I had a good giggle...
  9. The camera's are linked in pairs BUT if you travel from Cam #1 to Cam #2 at an average over the speed limit (+ tolerance) you'll get pinged.

    If you run over the limit between #2 & #3 you'll get pinged and so on.

    That said they've conceeded that if you run constantly over the limit from Campbellfield to Broadford over the limit on cruise control by accident you'll only get one ticket for the journey (I reckon they send you the worse one). If you're only just over and been a good boy in the previous two years you can also ask to be let off just this once.

    Basically they are forcing people to fit cruise control to their vehicles and the reason why it's now a standard accessory on even poverty pack Commodore's & Falcon's. My last two cars have had it fitted and it's surprising how often I use it even when driving to work on the freeway in the morning.

    They're just discussing these camera's on 3AW as we speak and Steve Brack's has said the Police & VicRoads will look into the issue of using the emergency lane to dodge the road sensors.

    No doubt they will also have Police officers hiding to watch passing vehicles looking for obscured plates once things settle down as well.
  10. So if I understand what you're saying PVDA, each camera is linked to the camera preceding it?
  11. ... so we only have to spray-paint 1 of them?
  12. ...if they are cascade connected, then Mr ktulu, you are correct.... but if programmed a bit smarter than that... then no...

    ...I like your thinking though mate.

    Have you got a picture that summarises how we feel about speed cameras?
  13. None that I can openly use without fear of repercussions, Rob :grin:

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  15. I've come to the conclusion of late that cruise control is a BAD thing!.
    Been watching the way people use it. Yes , it can help you avoid a ticket. It can also get you into a world of trouble if you rely on it to keep you safe. My reasoning is as follows:
    In an ideal driving/riding world, your vehicle responds to a constantly changing envionment though your constantly changing inputs. Cruise control takes away the intuitive control of the throttle that an experienced operator should have. It's not so much that you cannot maintain a level of control through the other controls, but you are removing throttle from the equation.
    an example which I witnessed yesterday: You are overtaking a slow truck on the freeway. Another vehicle (car) is travelling behind the truck, and decides to pull out just as you are about to draw level. With cruise control ON, you are forced to brake, rather than just roll off the throttle a bit. This means a more abrupt transition, and can cause a following vehicle to over-react.
    People are reluctant to slow momentarily now, because it results in them having to reset the cruise control. A bad side-effect of the camera culture IMHO.
  16. Well Titus, I agree that anything that means a driver needs to concentrate less on what he is doing, and therefore may zone out, is unsafe, however. . .

    On my cruise control, in the situation you described, a flick of my finger and the cruise control disengages. When the car in front has got up to speed and I can resume my chosen speed, another flick of my finger and the cruise control re-engages, and the car accelereates up to my last chosen cruising speed.

    Even a very old self installed after market unit I used to use had this capability, although the control wasn't quite as convenient as my current factory version.

    Maybe you need to re-read the manual?
  17. So let me get this stright, as long as i stop for a smoke between each camera, i can pretty much go through them at what ever speed i like?

  18. Not quite, they also work as normal safety cameras as well.

    I too have found that cruise control isn't always a good thing to have on (wet road, 115km/h, freeway, caravan on the back, slight up hill bend in road, car kicks down to 2nd mid corner, trees :shock: ) at times but you soon learn how to use it to your advantage (stuff other road users).

    On freeways (like up the Hume) I'll set it to the speed, or my, limit and just plod up the freeway happily.

    On highways or suburban roads I'll set it at or just under the limit so I'm not catching the car in front unless it's going well under the limit.

    Driving in convoy is a pain as you can never syncronise them all the same and I'd never use it on a twisty road no matter how quick the road is as you don't really want the car to change gear at the wrong time mid corner.

    Also remember that the 25km/h over the limit licence loss applies to the State Limit of 100km/h not the 110 limit on some freeways so going over 125 on the Hume will result in kissing your licence goodbye for a month and the points loss as well.

    I still don't know how I got away with the car heading for the trees in the 1st paragraph, more luck than skill involved.
  19. Huh? Can you share a reference for this statement?
  20. Exceeding posted limit by 35km/h is loss of licence... and so is exceeding the state speedlimit by 35km/h... so in a 110km/h zone, +25km/h is the magic licence bye bye number.

    That's the conventional understanding repeated many times all over the place.