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New Austroads Report On Crash Barriers Now Out

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. https://www.onlinepublications.austroads.com.au/items/AP-R419-12

    Austroads have just released a new report titled; Improving Roadside Safety - Stage 3: Interim Report. It is Austroads Publication no: AP-R419-12 Pages: 171.

    It contains about 20 pages about Findings Relating to Motorcyclist Barrier Solutions (at page 64 onwards)

    The motorcycle section is extremely comprehensive.

    You will need to register to download a copy (it's free).
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  2. thanks, should be good reading... so far i find the first table on barriers interesting. of the WRB and control sites there is a reduction in crashes everywhere except where WRB's were installed ...where there's an increase.

    is it true that WRB's increase accident rates? it seems it is!

    got a lot more to read but the report is making me laugh already!
  3. ok i've read enough for now. It's clearly written with an agenda in mind and happy to conveniently overlook large assumptions and gaps in data.

    in section 3.7.1 it states:
    "Grzebieta et al. 2011 note that the increase in motorcycle registrations cannot be the sole reason for the increase in rider fatalities"
    whereas what Grzebieta actually stated was:
    "Any suggestion that the rise is due solely to the rise in motorcycle registrations is weakened when one considers that there was also a rise in this period in other vehicle registrations and, probably, numbers of pedestrians and cyclists."
    conveniently ignoring the scale of increased motorcycle registrations compared to other vehicles or the general population. It goes on to further expose the bias of his report by, again confusing total numbers with accident rates by saying:
    "In contrast to motorcyclists, the numbers of fatalities for all other road users fell. It is clear that much more attention needs to be given to reducing and reversing this rise in motorcycle casualties..."

    Early days but the fact that Austroads 2012 seems to be picking and choosing from what was already a flawed study, and then further misrepresenting it to, i suspect, achieve a predetermined conclusion, makes me think it's not worth the virtual paper it was written on.

    While i'm on the Grzebieta et al. 2011 crash barrier report.... did anyone else find it concerning that the assumption was made that the "probability of a fatality occurring across the network of barriers is similar"... implying it's just as likely a motorcyclist will get tangled up on a section of wire rope down the centre of the median strip dividing the monash or hume freeways as hitting the concrete or steel barrier that 1950's OHS deemed fit to install to stop you plummetting off a windy mountain road....? It strikes me that the worst corners on the worst roads probably got the old style barriers... and it's only if those roads got busy, resealed etc that they got WRB's... so the backroads with the potholes and less traffic to clear off the gravel are more likely to have older barriers... and theres all those KM's of straight WRB's lining our freeways to skew the statistics in favour of WRB's.... plus... as they're looking at fatalities they should really consider response times... you're far more likely to get help fast and get to hospital fast if you're on a freeway that if you're up in the hills with no traffic and no phone coverage.

    anyways theres a bunch of other rubbish these guys throw around to campaign for whatever they're after... I hope someone calls them out on it all.