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New Aussie Cruiser magazine

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by RodSyd, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if I'm contravening any site rules here, if I am feel free to delete. I am not affiliated with the mag in any way I just was happy to finally find a cruiser mag that was aussie based instead of all the US or UK ones I had seen previously. Anyhow its called RoadRider - Cruiser keep an eye out in your newsagent if you are interested, I just picked up issue 2 so its a new publication, 6 editions a year according to the editorial.

  2. Looks good, but what would it be full of? How to put tassles on the bars, tips for acting hard, 10 step guide to going as slow as possible around corners, etc?

    Just taking the piss, no offence intended :p Anyway heres a link if anyone wants to get a subscription. Same price as the regular road rider mag which I just subscribed to a week or so ago.


    Somewhat appropriate that it comes with a free Chamois :LOL:
  3. I discovered it by accident when the first edition came out and waited with baited breathe for the 2nd.

    It is a great mag and well worth a read. :grin:
  4. Watch it Phiz .. Open Face helmets and loud pipes make us cruiser riders totaly BAD ASS you know ..

    What colour is the Chamois :grin:
  5. I bought the first edition, I like the idea of it a lot more than the execution.
    I realise they are new and still trying to break off from the parent magazine (and maybe I'm too cynical) but just about all the content seemed bought.
    I don't want to read a gushing article about paying $1000 for a genuine Harley Davidson sissy bar.
    I don't want to read about this little caster platform for moving my bike around that the editor has just "discovered" then turn 2 pages on to see a full page ad for the same thing.
    What I did want to read was the M90 review, except I didn't feel like I could trust it.
    Was this just paid for by Suzuki?

    I'll pick up the next one, I'm hopeful.
  6. Cruiser is the sister magazine of Australian Road Rider which is a sponsor here.
  7. Yeah there's been 2 issues out now, and the third must be out soon I think. I signed up for both this and Road Rider, both bi-monthly and I think they will be out in alternating months.

    I think its great to have an Australian cruiser mag! Clearly for the first couple of issues they have borrowed a bit, and they even have made fun of themselves in doing it, for example the readers letters.

    From the look of it they will be focusing on bike reviews, customising, gear, and in Aus Road Rider fashion on rides and destinations.

    I'm sure it will improve in terms of original content and hope it gets the support it needs to be a permanent thing for aussie cruiser fans.
  8. I like the mag too. I've got issues two and three but missed the first one. Does anyone know roughly when issue four will be out - early november at a guess?