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New Aprilia RSV4 RR - First impressions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. HI all,

    Well i have been away from netrider for a while but i thought i would write a review on my recent purchase. A little bit about my riding and bike preference; I seem to suffer from a split bike personality disorder, flicking between super motards and sports bikes. So over the past 10 years i have owned several bikes ranging from my tame Suzuki DRZ400SM through to more wild toys as my old Ducati 1198.

    I recently moved from Tasmania to Queensland and after being without a bike for the past 4 months i had an itch that had to be scratched... I was torn between getting another motard or a sports bike but the urge to go fast won out. So i was left with 3 bikes to decide from: the new Yamaha R1, Ducati 1199/1299 and the Aprilia RSV4 RR. Being the new era of 200hp+ machines its an exciting time to be able to throw a leg over something that once would have been reserved as for SBK racers.

    As much as the new R1 has a bunch of technology and is matching it with the best of the euros the front end just doesnt do it for me (sorry to any new R1 owners lol). It quickly became a two horse race between Ducati which is where my heart was and Aprilia that had impressed me (i had previously tested a mates factory APRC).

    So i went and tested both marks to find out which i preferred. Looks wise for me its hard to go pas the Ducati and i love the noise of the big twin but when i tested a second hand 1199 i just didn't feel as one with it like i did on my 1198. I also went and tested the 1299 which i did like but after looking at servicing requirements (namely having to disassemble pretty much the whole bike to do valve adjustments i was slightly turned off).

    I had previously ridden one of the older RSV4R's which although many reviews will say they were under powered compared to the 1199 and S1000R etc the new 201hp package is electric. The best bit i guess is they still have the amazing handling they have been renowned for.

    So after my test rides i made the decision i didn't expect to make and placed my order for a RSV4RR in Ascari black. 2 weeks later after my Akra pipe, race tune and other goodies were added to the bike i got to pick it up.

    Its all well and good to say you enjoyed a bike on a test ride but its not until you actually get to live with it until you know if you made the right decision. well after nearly 1000km of babying it i have finally been able to take it for a more spirited ride and wow is all i can say. The electronics package is spectacular, the power is amazing with great torque down low and eye popping top end power, the noise coming from the V4 via the akra pipe is spectacular but the best bit is the handling. I have never ridden a bike that inspires me to push so hard but at the same time give you the feeling that you're hardly pushing at all.

    Anyway i'm not a motoring journo and there are plenty of reviews out there on the new RR and RF so i wont keep rambling on but for anyone in the market for a new ride in the 200hp club i cant recommend the Ape highly enough.

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  2. looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
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  3. Welcome to the Ape club!

    Although mine doesn't go nearly as quick lol!
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  4. nice job mate
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  5. Very nice. Too nice for a track day?
  6. No it will go out for a track day or two once I get a trailer to take it down to QR (I'm in cairns)
  7. done over 10k on my 14 factory since november
    css on the 27 this month
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  8. I want to do css as well what level are you doing?
  9. 1
    the guys and galls from nert raider chipped in to send me
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  10. Noice one mate(y)
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  11. Gotta start at level one if you haven't done css before. Regardless of skill or other track experience...

  12. Yeah I know. I would be happy starting off at level one. Sadly css is booked out in QLD this year unless they offer other days
  13. Bugger. I met a rider from Cairns (1299 Duc) at CSS at PI in March. Had travelled down for Superbikes and then CSS afterwards. Major commitment, had the bike shipped down.
  14. I'm looking at buying a track bike (just a cheap 600) and bike trailer so I might do something similar and either go to SMC or PI and buy a track bike and bring the V4 RR. I'd love to do PI because it's a great track and my bro is on Melb so could turn it into a proper holiday
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  15. I like your choice
  16. Hot bike! Cant wait to experience 200+ hp someday...been riding a CBR1000RR for the last two years...only had old worn 750's before that....love the power...makes it less frustrating when I come up behind slow traffic on the two lane roads here (Kona, Hawaii).....miss Australia and the good people I met there over 25 years ago....excited to find this site!
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  17. congrats :)

    keep an eye on the cooling hoses, they can come loose...... aside from that you should bloody love it.
  18. Cheers mate

    I have already bought a set of Samco rad hoses for bling as well as reliability plus new hose clamps. i will install them down the track when I have the fairings off
  19. lol I LOVE taking the fairings off the aprilia, well, I much prefer it to the bloody honda, it's so much easier.... there's so much to the bike that points to it being designed for track days....
  20. Gorgeous buddy, my perfect superbike. How bad is the engine heat? I owned a 2013 R1 which used to cook my legs, admittedly it was made more bearable with a set of Akra pipes.