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New Aprilia motard

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JohnG., Apr 29, 2008.

  1. purdy.

    unfortunately, i doubt i could ever buy another bike with a lion on it after my dealings with the Aus importers. prefer to ride the damn thing, not wait 3months for parts
  2. Looks nice, but how come modern Aprilia's always seem to weight 10-20kgs more than they appear that they should?

    Should be a rule. If you can't make the bike be less than 150kgs fully wet, then you can't call it a motard.
  3. Why the have gone the 750cc is beyond me, especially when their main competition is the KTM SM 990 and the super duke.
    Similar size and weight, but less omph.
  4. Ill support that.
  5. i think you'll find they still have a few tricks up their sleave
    over the last year or two, with a massive cash-injection by Piaggio, Aprilia are now designing and manufacturing their own engines, instead of sourcing through Rotax. there's a new four-cylinder litre bike on it's way, and a 1200 rumoured as well.
  6. That thing is hawt, and I think a decent middle ground between the 'real' motards at 400 and 600 cc and the 'really too big to be a motard' 990s and such. I'd buy it, if I won Lotto. ;)

    (For a start it has nearly the power of the Bandit and is 50 kg or more lighter - which I know is only my personal basis for comparison, not something objective)
  7. Yup,the 1200 twin is rumored to be a Shiver 750 bottom end with 1200 lungs on it!!! :shock:
  8. If they bring that thing out in 1200cc I'll definately be taking it for a test ride with cheque book at the ready should it tick all my boxes.
  9. boring, not a KTM, and did i mention boring?
  10. That's about as much a motard as my willy is a blackmonstercock.