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NSW New 'Anti bikie' laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Rocket3, May 26, 2012.

  1. http://www.dailyexaminer.com.au/story/2012/05/23/call-ban-bikie-tattoo-parlours/
    1. Anyone holding or applying for a liscense , this doesnt say anyone with a criminal history , it is if you are a member or associate or can be linked to any OMC.

    1. search powers without a warrant....... what having to have proof something illegal is taken place now doesnt stand , so they can search and shut you down if the "SUSPECT" ..........

    2. so now tow truck drivers , security gaurds, bouncers, tattoo palours and now they are even saying hairdressers ( because omc members wives work there ) are now all listed , what next ?

  2. its too late to save civil rights in australia
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  3. of course everyone can make up their own minds if they think it is fair or not
    that government want to strip the OMCs of their power base.

    however you cannot accuse the government/police of being uninformed,
    as it seems they are going after key locations and professions through which the OMCs recruit and operate.
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  4. So you can't get a job or own a business, and you can't get in anywhere to spend your hard-earned anyway.
    And all because they obviously can't find any evidence of actual illegal activities?
    Free country my arse.
  5. Rather than catch illegal behaviour, they've settled on controlling legal behaviour.

    Top effort.
  6. Those would trade liberty for security deserve neither.
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  7. ok, so lets you you own a Harley shop and you decided you want to open a tattoo shop too. Because members of a bikie gang come to you to get their bikes fix/serviced/repaired does that mean you associate with OMG's and cant open a tattoo stop?
  8. This is my favourite part. Where they've decided it's better to fight outlaws by becoming a law unto themselves.

    That bikie war they've been predicting may just become self fulfilling.

    If all legal avenues to defend their rights are removed, and all reasonable avenues are removed...
  9. or visa versa......if you go to a tattoo shop owned by an outlaw member, does that get you on their 'watch list'?
  10. If You service OMC's bikes,

    Your suspect, Be prepared to get searched,

    Forget about the Tattoo shop.
  11. Guilty until proven....I forgot the rest.
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  12. 'noone is innocent, some are just more guilty than others' - Ronny Biggs with the Sex Pistols
  13. Legalise the drugs they sell and take the word of the ex-DPP Nicholas Cowdery and the problem will go away overnight.

    But then again that means no black market and the associated money and corruption that comes along with it.. I'm willing to bet that that's a significant reason we won't see any real change.
  14. <sarcasm>
    Great idea, lets revoke rights for everyone to score cheap political points.

    Plus, we get to push people on the legal fringe *into* illegal activities by removing real legal income opportunities. How can that not be a good thing?

    Isn't that a win-win?

    On a serius note, what is the proposed line in being a biker? (and thus, illegible to work at these places) How/Who is checking these things? Not being snarky, that's an honest question.
  15. War on bikies... War on drugs... War on road trauma... War on terror... War on everything that isn't beige... War on frikken everything! The people in positions of power are a bunch of effing war mongers! The f*cktards are pointing the finger at OMCs, but anyone with half a brain can see who does more damage to the country out of the OMCs and the politicians, and it ain't the Harley enthusiests!
  16. the sad part is robin that nearly all these bills ( i havent read this one properly yet ) that they have been pushing through on association and orginised crime bills dont mention the following words:
    Biker, Bikie, OMC, Outlaw motorcycle club
    what they say is "ANY MEMBER OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC "
  17. In other words, under the new laws, they could invade any innocent person's privacy and prevent them from earning an honest living simply because of a misguided suspiscion? If that's correct, it's effing disgusting!
  18. This started because of their war on terror where they felt they were justified in doing whatever they wanted. The general approval of the public was as good an endorcement as the needed and the sign they were looking for to strip the populace of their rights.
  19. The anti association laws are (irrespective of what they are intended to address at this point) the most dangerous laws proposed/enacted in Australia's history.

    It's exactly the type of law that Putin is using to silence members of the Russian opposition parties. And don't think it couldn't happen here especially with those watermelons controlling the government.
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  20. Reminds me of when I was in Singapore for business maybe 15 years ago. One of the locals (good links into the Party, too) pointed out "Speakers Corner" in an park just behind Orchard Rd somewhere. He said that the Government had introduced it to show that free speech was OK in Singapore - anyone could say whatever they wanted at Speakers Corner. A member of the Opposition took the opportunity to print flyers and then turned up Sat morning in front of a crowd to launch into his spiel about what was wrong with the Govt.

    The cops took him away. Apparently, by telling people he was going to be there, it was an unlawful gathering and he got locked up. Turns out you can say whatever you want at Speakers Corner, so long as no-one is listening.