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QLD New Anti-Bikie Laws (Petition)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. We have a petition started to try to stop the new Anti Bikie Laws - so far over 2000 signatures, but we need more.

    I've listed below my opinion why we all need to sign the petition. If you agree, please sign on the link at the bottom and get your friends to do the same.

    WHY If you ride a bike, you are a bikie. The new laws will effect you! So far in QLD only, but I'm sure other states will follow.

    LOGIC They make no sense. The police have been told to pull over any three or more motorcyclists riding together. This is stupid. If they want to crack down on known outlaw gangs why stop any three riders riding together - just pull over the ones wearing the gang patched in the gangs there targeting! Why waste there time on innocent recreational riders? The only logic I can see is if they think "while running drugs, guns or dead bodies" these gang members may take there jackets off. I'm no criminal mastermind, but if they do any of the above, they'll probably do it in a Datsun 120Y rather than a bike, so again, there is no need to harass Joe average rider.

    POLITICS In QLD there are over 150,000 registered motorcycles. The new laws will annoy all of these riding voters, plus there spouses and each of these will share there grief with at least a couple of mates, so that's over half a million voters being upset at the new Laws - not good politics!

    ECONOMY Politicians seem to link everything to the economy. One of the four main areas Can Do Cambell was working to improve was Tourism. Recreational riders are Tourists. They say the average recreational rider provides 5 times as much to small local communities than Grey Nomads. Recreational riders will ride around less if they are continually pulled over by the police. There are also charity rides. The Black Dog Ride recently raised $350,000. There are also many other charity rides - numbers participating will reduce with the new laws.

    SOCIAL IMAGE If every time a family driving down the road sees police pulling over motorcyclists, little Johnny in the back seat will ask his parents why have the police pulled over that motorbike? Dad will say - I don't know, he must have done something wrong! - not knowing he's an innocent rider having a random interrogation due to the new laws. Not portraying the image of motorcyclists well at all.

    We enjoy riding motorcycles and shouldn't be made to feel like criminals when we do so. We should be able to go for a ride without being discriminated against! If you agree please sign the petition at the link below :-

    Its quick and easy.


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  2. Mackay riders tried to stage a protest ride over these BS laws today.
    60 riders showed up, and so did the police, 40 of them. The police blocked all exits, drug tested, breath tested, safety checked bikes, took photos of them.
    And would not let them leave in groups of more than 3 riders at a time and made each group leave in a different direction. I am not aware of any patched riders being there. The police are being total dickheads with their new found powers. Queensland the Nazi state, its like the old days lol.
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  3. Good tactic by the cops. When word gets out that if you turn up at one of these protests you might get defected/booked, then numbers drop off.
    I hope South Oz is slow to catch up.
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  4. #4 Mr Flibble, Oct 13, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013
    What a stupid waste of police time.

    Edit: Oh, and I signed

  5. Wasn't there a law passed in QLD a couple years ago saying you couldn't wear patches?

    I've signed, just curious. :)
  6. Thanks :) wasn't sure, didn't follow it at the time hehe
  7. Oh for fvcks sake get a grip on reality.
  8. I think we're going to see a lot more of this! If your seen riding a motorbike, your guilty until proven innocent!
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  9. Can't you spell fuck?
  10. Thanks everyone - we've now exceeded 3000 signatures.

    Keep them coming in, make sure you get your friends to sign as well.
  11. The new legislation is being introduced today and will be passed. The only hope for Queensland right now is the Governor, when was the last time a Governor didn't give approval?

    One of the new bills is called "The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013"

    If that's name of the bill, I don't think we are going to like what's in it.
  12. News today that Newman intends to build a new bikies only prison, where inmates will be held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day throughout their time there and undergo daily drug tests.
  13. This plus 24 hr monitoring, no gym, no tv and monitoring of all non lawyer/legal related phone calls.

    Anyone seen more info on the bike crushing rules? Is there any way it could apply to a rider who is not a omc member?
  14. Yep, and their bikes will be crushed. They will only be able to have a 1hr personal visit once a week. All mail (except from a lawyer) will be opened and read.

    So who can say "internment camp".

    The QLD government are fascists pigs. The fcukers can't even stick to what the LNP is supposed to believe.

    However, I will await the release of the legislation before suggesting that we storm parliament.
  15. It goes to show how an "idealogical fix" to the OMG problem does not work in reality. I see in this report STORY they have listed the "illegal bikie groups". If the definition of one of these groups is "ride motorcycles while wearing the same matching clothing and dealing in drugs" then wouldn't you need to add the Queensland Police to the same group based on the post above?

    The ideological fix is not looking too good now?

    I heard on the radio that the police will still have the right to pull over three or more riders riding together "if the police think they might be in an OMG" and search without a warrant. Our message might be getting thru because they also said "recreational riders will not be effected by this. Its the first time I've heard the words recreational riders so maybe someone is listening!

    If I trusted politicians, my mind would be at ease that us innocent riders will not be effected. Unfortunately I was at Uni 25 years ago when a politician there said that the HEX fee of $250pa is a once off fee "that will never rise". I've got a daughter starting uni now and this fee is now tens of thousands per year! I also love the sound clip on Victims of Noah's song about John Howard that starts with "there is no way on earth that we would contemplate during the life of this government introducing the GST". Sorry politicians - I can't trust anything you say.

    This section of the law will effect recreational riders one day.

    Keep signing the petition! We're more that 1/3 of the way to 10,000 signatures!
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  16. This is a rather upsetting state of affairs if this is the way the government goes... was hoping to do a trip to QLD, but it might be hard if I'm going with others now. Do not want to be singled out for being on a bike.

    Also, signed the petition.