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new and just a few q's!!!:)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by heidi_vixen, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. hi all!!!
    im new here mainly on just to find out a little bit more on the costs and what i need as in gear, insurance rego etc. in getting my bike
    i found a aboslutely sexy megelli250 for 4999 i really dnt care about selling it in the future and i do understand about the parts having come from china/taiwan, thus questioning its reliability!
    anyways before i go ahead and buy it what are the costs and all such involved?
    i know i need to go for my prelearners course and stuff
    but im talking about what gear i should get
    im from sydney and rego as of such, what is greenslip?what insurance i should get, etc etc. please dnt think im stupid all my friends drive cars and cant really tell me anything!!!

  2. For your learner's course you'll need:
    - long pants.
    - closed shoes.
    - long sleeved shirt/jumper.
    You may hire a helmet and gloves there, or buy and use your own beforehand.

    You're best bet is to find a bike shop doing a 'Learner package'.
    This will typically be an all-weather type jacket, full-face helmet and a pair of leather gloves. They're usually $600-$1000 depending on quality of gear.
    Seeing as we're coming into winter, buy a jacket big enough to fit a jumper underneath.

    $1500 should get you some basic gear, CTP and rego for a 250cc bike.
    Budget $2000 though, if you want to do some night riding in winter: you'll want some warmer stuff, and maybe a pair of boots.

    A greenslip is also called "CTP" insurance. It is compulsory for all vehicles before they can be registered. It covers another party's personal injuries in the event of an accident (ie. like health cover for someone else you hit).
    It DOES NOT cover property. So it does not cover all the damage if you run into a Ferrari.
    For that sort of cover you want "3rd party property" insurance - which covers other people's property. This is additional to CTP.

    'Full comprehensive' insurance covers other people's property and your own in the event of an accident (whoever's fault it is) or theft.
    It is additional to CTP, but Full Comprehensive includes 3rd party property too.
    It is more expensive than just 3rd party property (which doesn't cover YOUR BIKE if you crash it).

    If you're heart's set on a Megelli, go for it - may every happiness befall you.
    I wouldn't buy one though: I would buy a reputable japanese brand because they do not explode and there are plenty of spare parts and people who know how to fix them, around.
  3. HiDee HoDee & Welcome to Netrider.
    I'll do the mod thing and be picky when saying that your first post really should be an introduction in Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings etc etc. Make a post in there and we'll all find a way to forgive you ;)
    As for you questions; What Bonk said. If you take some time to look deeper into NR you'll find tonnes of info, right down to some nitty gritty reviews, about protective gear.
    Ride happy.
  4. Welcome to the forum!!! boink.

    If I was doing L's and wanted something small then I'd give the YZF 125R a go. It's a brilliant little bike.
  5. Welcome, for that price buy a Ninja 250 though.
  6. The costs for a late model learners bike is around 450-500 a year for rego, CTP and 3rd party property insurance.

    For gear yet some kevlar jeans like dragins or sartsos. They are around $200 a pair

    Start out with a textile jacket because their cheaper and good all year round. My gf got this one the other day for $250 - https://www.teammoto.com.au/onlines...facturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=15

    And get some good boots, there are heaps of brands and vary in price. They have thick soles which gives you a bit more height which helps for riding.

    Gloves - $80

    Helmet - $100 - $1000+ depending what you get

    A good place in sydney is MCAS they have shops in auburn, liverpool and sydney. Your better off going in and trying stuff on than buying online until your expirienced and really know what your buying.
  7. i wouldnt consider it little...
    little engine yes, but it's the same height as the other 600 sportsbikes
  8. Welcome to Netrider, and riding :).

    I think bonk has covered the first lot of questions very well (y).
  9. Welcome to Netrider, Heidi. Enjoy and safe, happy riding :)
  10. Welcome,

    just a side note... take a mate with when shopping. Learners are renowned for knowing stuff all about bikes (I wonder why ;) ). If you are short on riding mates, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on here who might be willing to tag along and give an experienced opinion. I wouldn't mind doing it but i'm a bit short for time with my uni work. Having said that though, if you do desperately need someone i'd rather slot you in somewhere than let you get ripped off. I'm sick of seeing new riders walk away purchasing machines that they really shouldn't have bought...

    good luck with shopping, hope u get a good deal :)
  11. welcome heidi, you have come to the right place for help, all good advice here, where abouts in Sydney are you?
  12. Get goz to take you!

    He's an experienced rider and is happily married so there won't be a creep factor. :D

    Seriously, a helpful guy, he takes time out to get people involved in the community and is great for newcomers. If you're in the inner west drop him a PM, I'd help more people out but i'm down in the shire so venturing further than Hurstville is a mega trek :rofl:
  13. :)

    but i hate when people say "im from the shire" :D
  14. Sounds like an outback destination :D

    Welcome Heidi and good luck with the gear/bike. Make sure you post up a pic of the new beast when you get it :)
  15. Hi Heidi and welcome to NR.

    Did you also read the "New riders budget and random tips." sticky thread in the New Riders & Riding Tips forum? Has some good general advice.
  16. Nice work bonk, covered it well. GreyBM has a great suggestion too, any section on this forum that has sticky threads is worth a glance.

    PS Oh in regards to the bike I haven't come across one or even see one. It's a really nice looking bike though so if you do get it I'd be very very keen to check it out.