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New and happy owner of C50

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by qsign, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hi All!
    Finally stupid restriction over and 2 days ago I have picked up my brand new Suzuki Boulevard C50. What a bike! Before I was riding Intruder 250 – nothing in common apart that both have two wheels.

    I like each and every aspect of my new bike except of one point – ugly stickers on top of fuel tank. Why they could not find better place for them? Is it easy to remove them? Is it legal to remove them or I should stick them somewhere else? What other people doing?


  2. awesome bike, you made a good choice, I cant wait to get off my restrictions and buy one =D
  3. Relatively easy to remove them - attack with a hairdryer to soften the glue and they should peel off pretty easy. WD-40 or other MILD cleaning solvent if necessary. I make no promises about legality, but you rarely see a bike more than a few weeks old with the stickers intact, and I've never heard of anyone having issues.

  4. What DarkHorse said, and I found eucalyptus oil to be good at getting the glue goop off too. I'm not aware of any legal issues with removing the sticker on the tank if it's the "read the instructions before riding" kind of CYA sticker the manufacturer put on.
  5. Thanks for advise. Hairdryer does not work, so have to employ paint stripper (very carefully!). WD40 though works loke a charm. Now I am twice happier.

  6. Come on .. where are the pics? :-s
  7. Be patient, please. :busting: