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new air filter problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ashrose, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. ok guys n girls
    ive looked everywhere for the solution for this and its a pain coz i know its gonna be a simple answer.
    the prob: i just tried to replace stock air filter with a bikemaster air filter (same as k&n)on my 08 xvs650 custom. i oiled it and put in place. when i started her she seemed not to be getting any air and she choked out,i washed it out thinking i used to much oil and ran it dry,same thing. i removed it and put the original back in and no probs. put it back in and held it on without the cover and reved her, she'd run rough and was blowing dark smoke out the exhaust.
    what im thinking is shes not getting any air in??????
    the bike is all stock and i cant figure why it wont accept the new air filter.
    im a mechanical noob so any advice would be good

    thanks in advance
  2. When u washed it did u use water or turps ?
  3. Very odd. Is there some kind of packing or protective cover on the aftermarket filter? Is there anything in the airbox that could be touching the filter and giving bad sensor readings (assuming it has any such sensors)? Did you let the filter dry after oiling (required for a K&N)? Did you use air filter oil or something else?
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  4. Did you reinstall everything correctly? On many bikes you will need to undo vacuum lines and sensors to get to the air filter.
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  5. Can you blow through it and feel the air coming through? My mate over oiled his K&N once and the thing pissed out smoke. Now when I do mine I spray it just enough to cover the whole area with one light coat.
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  6. thanks to all..
    ok, first thing is i've gone from being a noob to being a dip shit!
    now according to the manufacturer the filter comes pre oiled and according to them it could of dried out and clogged the filter,on top of that i oiled it to much my self. so to start with it was well and truly over oiled and in effect, blocked .....
    second when i washed it out (i used k&n filter cleaner then water) i didnt leave it long enough to dry so it was still unable to let air through.
    iv'e just got home from work and the filter had dried out properly so i oiled it again (properly) and all is good..... IT WORKS.... i'm stupid :boobies: