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New Advertiser

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Folks,

    Some of you may have already noticed that we have a new advertiser on board.

    Big deal you may think...........

    I think it's great to have a new player that has entered the motorcycle market. I am all for competition and hopefully this new player will be able to offer a fantastic service and be competitive. If anything they may assist in keeping the others honest.

    It's nice to have a few options out there. Look out for the new top & sidebar banners and keep us informed of your experience.

  2. Sorry Vic, I've missed it, who exactly? I've got a collegue/aqauintance who has recently purchased a bike shop in partnership with another well known store but I'm not sure if they have contacted you guys yet. FYI, I've given you blokes a big rap so I'll PM my account details for the 5% referal fee :p
  3. Now that would be telling, F5 a few times :D:D:D:D

    5% wow, you are cheap :p
  4. Hey Vic, do you get a discount if you've got a go-ggo....????
  5. Nearly 3000 members and it had to be you that came up with that one :roll:

    I'm not surprised......keep up the good work :D
  6. I just clicked for an online quote!
  7. Come back in 4 years they say :roll:
  8. :LOL: They wont give us a quote dude. They only insure people who are too old to actually still ride :p
  9. https://netrider.net.au/?page=news&action=fullnews&showcomments=1&id=130 :wink:

    ... but those that watched/bookmarked/homepage'd the front page news, or used our news RSS service would already know that :)

  10. Finally , some insurance for my age group :p . Hope it covers my walking frame that i pillion .
  11. Nice to see them in the market. :)
  12. the had an ad on ch10 this arvo too.
  13. What a joke :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nearly double what i pay now :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. very nice timing, just changed policies to WQBE last week (who were the cheapest I could find), still on a cover note. Our new friends just quoted me $200 cheaper. I think I may be making a phone call to investigate... :)
  15. Hmm, just got a quote online
    Your Premium calculation
    Basic Premium GST Stamp Duty Total Premium
    Motor $2478.85 $247.88 $272.67 $2999.40
    Total $2999.40
    Your Payment options
    You can choose to pay your insurance premium by direct debit to your nominated cheque, savings or credit card account. For your convenience, we offer you the following payment options:
    Monthly $249.95 Annual $2999.40
    Your Insurance Comprehensive Insurance
    Sum Insured $ 14300 Excess $350
    0% No Claim Bonus
    Legal Liability $20000000 Excess $0
    Age of your youngest nominated regular driver 35
    Annual usage of the car is based on Driven regularly
    Car is usually kept at postcode 3101
    Car is usually garaged In a garage
    Kill switch
    Vehicle has modifications.

    $249.95 a month!!!!!!!! PASS...
  16. "Insurance for the motoring enthusiast" hey, well according to them:
    My bike doesn't exist (understandable I suppose for a grey import), however my car also doesn't exist - and it's an Australian delivered Toyota. Also the quote on my other car is equal to half its value for 12 months, nearly 4 times the quote from the RACV (400 bucks vs 1500). Personally I don't think I'll be signing up with them anytime soon.
  17. With any insurance company, its worth making a phone call if things on the internet don't add up (eg. a car or bike doesn't appear on the listing) as often the internet is a guide and not the be all and end all.

    Also, if the price for something is out of the water, give them a call and chat to someone... sometimes rates are different on the net, and they'll look after you a bit better over the phone.

    I know cos I work for one of them!! :D
  18. If i owned a Honda spada

    and IF i rode it 2-3 days a week

    $172 for 3rd Prty....
  19. Nah I'm just confused that an insurance company that's supposed to specialise in enthusiast vehicles doesn't seem to have any model MR2 listed (but will insure a Hiace) yet the RACV online quote lists all versions, even the grey imports.
  20. It *is* good to see more competition in the market.

    Having said that, their online quote was seven times more expensive than my current Swann deal, and three times as expensive as the OUTRAGEOUS quote I got from AAMI.

    They're asking for more than a third of the vehicle's value per year. That's shocking. Not on yer nelly lads. Geee.Oooo...Geee.Eeee.Teee...Essss.Teeee.Uuuuu.Effff.Teeee!