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New adventurer! Greetings.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Tenrider, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Sometimes I am unaware of the required formalities of being part of a forum.
    I have been told to introduce myself. So here goes.

    I have been riding for many years, except when the usual marriage, mortgage and raising a son stopped my passion for a few years. Couldn't get it out of my system though and soon purchased another bike to calm the cravings. Much to the disgust and angst of the wife.
    Its funny now, I look back and find I have less time, but ride more then I ever did. Its a feeling that always puts a smile on my face. A rest bite from the world.
    Though I am not too old I have done some hard miles so the body was giving in. Gone were the sports bikes, sport tourers or anything with a large tank or a posture where my head was below my arse. So after a while I got myself an adventure bike or adventure tourer. "So fond of titles in the motorcycling community." Well, what can I say? Its opened up another avenue that I wasn't aware of. "Riding on dirt." So much more to explore and see. I wished I had done this earlier.

    I have been on and off this forum a few times. Never really getting the hang of it. So why the return? Well a few weeks ago I managed to ride with a great bunch of people. A five day ride through the Snowys. I was introduced into the ride by mate. After the ride, I though it prudent that I should share the videos and photos I had with the riders of this group.

    So where to now? Its amazing how no matter how long you ride for there is always something more you can learn. One way is to learn from others. Hence why we join in forums and group rides. Another is by constantly assessing your personal abilities and honing your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses. Expanding your horizons buy trying new things can have a profound affect on your abilities. This is what I am doing, finding new adventures on my Super Tenere.

    I will be doing the Tenere Tragic High Country Ride in March, with 65 Tenere Tragics. Its going to be an amazing challenge. I have also put in an expression of interest to do a Stay upright adventure bike course. Hope to do this in the new year. I am excited at the possibilities.

    My user name is "Tenrider". Friends call me "Fab", for short.
    See you all on the dirt. Or in your own adventure.
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  2. Welcome to NR !
  3. Welcome Tenrider, from another new well, Ten rider.

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  4. hello there,

    is this you by any chance ?? :p

  5. We'll go for a ride soon
  6. Hi Fab and welcome, was good to meet you on the recent High country tour, even if it was a bit up close at one point.
  7. Yes.
  8. Hello and welcome :)
    Thanks for teaching me a new motorcycling term too "Tenere tragic".