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New Adelaideian

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Halapino, May 17, 2008.

  1. Hi All new on the forum from Adelaide. Does not seem to be many adelaide members..... we dont even get our own section :(

    I do not own a bike as yet. Still in the process of looking. Owned a scooter for a few years back.... should have gone straight into a bike but for 600 bucks what fun. So now here i am 27 getting into the bike scene.

    Looking around for the usual 250cc learner legal but hoping to get a FZR or ZXR for around the 3-3.5 mark, but i live in adelaide where everything comes with the SA tax when it come to cars and bikes. Always more expensive here.

    Anyways hope to get to know a couple of you


  2. Welcome Aboard Peter !!

    :? :-k
    VIC Ride and Event Announcements
    NSW Ride and Event Announcements
    QLD Ride and Event Announcements

    ... :shock: You're RIGHT!


    sorry .. couldnt resist it :wink:
  3. Welcome aboard mate.

    I have an FZR250 that will be up for sale soon PM or email me for more details.

  4. G'day Halapino

    As fantastic netrider is you could also have a look at ridingsa.com
    Thats where you'll find most of the adelaide people go from time to time.

    Good luck on looking for a new bike
  5. Thanks for the replies
  6. Now far be it from me to get all pedantic over a bloke's first post (yeah, right :roll:) but perhaps might you mean jalapeno, as in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JalapeƱo for your username :LOL:

    Never mind, I'm sure you'll give the rest of us hot stuff with your posts :wink:.
  7. welcome mate.

    FZR or ZXR for that price will be hard ridden and a bit rough.

    but good luck on the search.

    check out Scoozis on rundle street wednesday nights from 7:30 onwards

    usually 10-15 of us in attendance.

    we also run sunday nights at henley beach and tuesday nights in gawler.

    both these nights are smaller numbers. wednesday is our main night.
  8. That sounds pretty cool... reason to take a bike for a spin. :( just need the bike.

    The FZR they seem to be going around that mark. The more expensive ones are just sitting on the market so hopefully.... and yeh i know might be hard pressed to find a zxr in that price range.

    Really just want the 12 month bike