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New Adelaidean

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by mentasm, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Hi, mentasm here.

    New to this site and new to road riding in general.

    Spent most of my younger years on motocross bikes on the dirt. From an ancient Yamaha 50cc, to a YZ80, an RM125, an XT250 and a silver tank XL 250. By this time I was finishing high school and quit riding bikes.

    I've now past 30 and have gotten the bug again. My housemate and I finally got around to getting our Ls and have been hitting the roads for a few months now.

    My bike is pretty crappy. 84 Honda VT250. In good working order. Can't post a pic yet as I don't have enough posts

    Have come to love the roads we have in the hills surrounding Adelaide. Getting out and doing 1-200Kms every weekend and the moment and covered around 1000km over the Xmas new years break. Usually get as far south as Meadows or mclaren vale, and as far north as chain of ponds. Find that the roads become a little too straight beyond that. I love the twisties.

    Looking to book in for L2 testing soonish.

    Eyeing off the Triumph Street Triple pretty hard at the moment. Best start saving.

    Be good to find some of the other sociable riders who haunt the same areas. Maybe some of you are those I see at the cafe in Lobethal everytime I stop in there and drool at the bikes.


    edit: Changed Speed to Street after a visit to Peter Stephens today :p
  2. Welcome dude! I get out any chance I get, gotta say my fav piece of road at the moment is up Greenhill Road to Lobethol. What area are you in man? Shoot me a PM a couple of days in advance and i'll be up for it, not this weekend though IT"S SCHUTZENFEST!!!!(spelling??)
    I'm drunk this weekend!! :beer:
  3. Gotta get a few more posts up before I can PM.

    I'm in Mile End. Fave at the moment is the run from Crafers over Mt Lofty, short stint on Green hill rd, onto woods hill road, onto Marble hill road which turns into Montacute Rd, turn off onto Corkscrew rd and then up or down gorge. Lobethal rd and deviation road are also getting a hiding.

    My brother is turning 30 this weekend so I'll be up at Roxby hitting the sand tracks on his YZF450 :)

    House mate ocassionally comes along. He's a little slow on his CB250F (think its a 78 :) ), but he catches up eventually. We may be a little slow for a zx10r :)
  4. cheers!
  5. Nah I got an FZR250 as well! Usually take that out when i'm with other 250's. Oh yeah and do the L2 asap piece of piss mate
  6. yeah. Spent 20 mins at Oaklands on Sunday giving it a go and did most of it no real probs. Only had Ls a little over 2 months so can't quite book in yet. Prob book mid Feb for a March test.
  7. I booked straight away, but thats back when it was cheap so there was a 3 month wait anyway. But I had a total of half an hour on the road between L1 and L2 as I didn't have a bike.
  8. hi and welcome
    im originally a crow eater from the barossa valley(Angaston)
  9. I'm born and bred in Tanunda. :)
  10. Welcome to the party!! From an ex-Adelaidian.....will be there in March to try out the roads :grin:
  11. cool, another adelaidian!

    welcome mate