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New Adelaide Scooter Club..

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by xbenx, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    please visit our group here

    myspace page here

    please visit our group, were just some mates having a good time. and to show that scooter riders can have as much fun as anyone else, even if we dont own a motorcycle.. or have a motorcycle license.

    there has been some problems with our slogans, however i have reworked them.

    we would appreciate all the support given.

    thank you
  2. heck yeah dude! can i join your crew? this sounds like a really fun thing to do! :cool:
  3. sure thing..

    hey bro change the display pic on the main myspace.. dont wanna upset anyone :) :wink:

    i sent it to u
  4. done :grin:
  5. sweet, they must be having some trouble handling our strange sense of humor on here.. seems a little quiet in here
  6. yeah hey! i guess we are used to ugzine.com forums where we can say what we want! everyone should loosen up and stop takin everything so hard! we all ride scooters here, chill out and have some funnnn n n n n
  7. hey how you doing? where are you boys in adelaide? im down western suburbs