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New Adelaide member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Captain Moto, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all.
    My life at the moment;

    Building a shed
    Buying machinery & tools
    Buell Lightning
    Yamaha 100 Street L2G (x2)
    Reading motorcycle forums!

    Don't get out as much as I would like to, but enjoy it when I do.
    Interested in anyone who can steer me in the direction of vintage Japanese motorcycles, particularly '60s-'70s sports mopeds.

    . . . and I believe in karma. :)

    Oh, . . . did I mention the wine?! :p
  2. Welcome to netrider Captain Moto
    Cant help at all with vintage japanese bikes but , you've certainly got some nice wine over there , though personally , I like the chocolate port I found there while visiting the valley. Nice roads out there as well, but that chocolate port ...... mmmmmm
  3. Welcome to NR!! :grin:

    Speaking of port, have you tried Fronti? It's a white port from the Bethany winery. My absolute favourite and tastes even better when chilled and dribbled over vanilla icecream. *drools at the thought*
  4. Ahhhhhh yes..... the old Stanleys chocolate port.......a.k.a. brain damage in a bottle.

    Kind of tasty, calming and pleasing to the senses and packed full of that chocolatey goodness.

    "Enjoy Wine in Moderation" it says on the label.
    Read it and learn.
    They really mean it with this one. :LOL: :LOL:
  5. well... on Netrider you may meet some who do like a good wine after a good day racing or `riding, a big welcome.
    Cookatree!!! you have such good taste,,, discovered the white port years ago when racing over at MT Gambier. Have kept the memory of it, and I think we did serve it chilled, with ice, on the recommendation of the wine maker, we bought it from... it was great, and that was back in the bourbon and coke days....... . Thanks for reviving it. never thought of the ice cream idea. Might put it on the dessert menu for the team over the GP weekend. what fruit do you think would go with it? Lychees??????
    White on white, very Marilyn Munroe, real retro stuff....

    By the way does the Captain or cookeetree like Yarra Valley Pinot Noir?
    There is a special offer to netriders on this one.
  6. Well you've come to the right place, Captain, there's always some whining going on on Netrider :LOL:

    Actually I'm told Sue's Pinot Noir is quite good; eight Netriders downed about 8 bottles here about a month or so ago while staying over on a road-trip, it had some interesting effects, eh Sue? :)
  7. Welcome Captain Moto. Did you say wine!
    I'm surrounded by it.
    My property is surrounded on three sides by wineyards, not to mention the numerous cellar doors close handy.
    So i too love the odd drop of wine.
    As for the old jap vintage bikes, I'll ask a guy I know at myponga who's into old bikes (mainly british) he might have an idea.
  8. Paul, I did not see losing cats and desperately searching for them on the Captain's current activity list.

    The Captain should be warned though, that one of the perils of being a Netrider who does drink wine is to generally loose their hosts (and hostesses) very much loved cats.
  9. Welcome aboard captain.. :grin:
  10. Thanks all for your replies.

    Not a big fan of Pinot Noir, prefer Merlot and Shiraz.
    Current mission is to seek out sparkling Merlots.
    Not very common, but some good ones to be had.
    Do yourself a favour . . . and try the Di Giorgio sample from Coonawarra, mmm.

    As for port, I'm not keen on the 'spirity' edge that many have, so I like the Touriga based ports.

    And on to the important topic of motorcycles . . .

    I've read a lot of information on early Japanese mopeds on international sites, but very little locally.
    Does anyone know if they were very common?
    The Postie bike seems to be the main survivor.