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New addition to the stable.......

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quo Vadas, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Picked up my new 1996 RVF400 today. After a long search I found one in excellent condition and for a sweet price ($5500). ****ing thing goes like the clapper and I found myself speeding for almost 90% of the whole ride home. The exhaust note is a sweet low growl and the pick up/acceleration is nuts. So impressed by the way these machines handle on the road. Going for a big ride up to Yea on Sunday and I can't wait to get up through some twisties.

    It looks much chunkier next to my CBR250rr and I just love the bodykit on these bikes.......:cool:


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  2. And the sssa !

    Sports 400's rock I used to have an fzr400
  3. Wow that was quick. Congrats and lookin very nce.
  4. Indeed it was my friend. Still have the CBR but wanted one of these for so long and found a bargain so I pounced on it. Hopefully see you soon on a ride...........
  5. I'm happy for you bro. Catch you on the next ride.
  6. Awesome Quo Vadas...does this mean you'll now be the proud owner of 2 bikes ? ;)
    Congrats bloke...great looking weapon.
  7. Hey Nickers. Yes, now I have 2 bikes and car. Took the bike out for a spin today and it rides soooooo well and the growl of the engine/exhaust as it starts winding up is audio erotica...............
  8. When we heading out for a spin with your new weapon mate ? (y)
  9. Looks like fun! Awesome lookin ride!