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New addition to my stable - CBR1100XX

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by UDLOSE, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Nothing too exciting really. I want to do some touring with my gf on the back and our sports bikes are no good for it.

    It's a '01 CBR1100XX Blackbird. I've ordered a ventura rack/bag for it. I'm going to go over it and make sure its ready to clock up some big kms.

    Someone has gone crazy with the ebay accessories on it lol.

    I took it for a test run down the old pacific highway yesterday and it goes well, it's very comfortable compared to the 675. I found myself stuck sititng in traffic yesterday and I didn't get angry due to not being in pain :p It has a fair bit of power but you don't really notice it since its so smooth, its very easy to ride. The brakes are very good, handling is ok but its in a different world to the 675, but still good enough to enjoyably go through the mountains which is what we want.

    I've got no plans to hot it up, but I will take it down to the drags soon and see what it can do.

    Here's a pic of the bike and one of my 'stable'.



  2. Nice looking bike and choice red car too.
  3. I like how you kept in line with the blackbird's subtle styling with those giant red and yellow stickers.
  4. A Repsol Blackbird. Now there's something you don't see every day!
  5. Nice one marty. I think I know that bird :) French accented previous owner?
  6. that's errr, certainly different looking
  7. LOL, there wouldn't be another with that livery anywhere.

    After one ride on the back of a bird, I became a fan. :) 'gratz
  8. Is that an A9X Tarantula in the background, love the "John Player" style livery on the Trumpy, but man you seriously have to defrock that blackbird, no offence cause they are a nice ride but she looks like a tart with that Repsol crap all over her.
  9. Well it's one of those pre painted chinese fairing kits so I can't make the whole thing black by peeling stickers off. But the guy had added about 20 additional stickers to it which me and my mates removed before the ride yesterday. It looks alot cleaner now. Hows this for weird though, it says CBR fireblade on it and 1100RR on it. The stickers were covering up those mistakes lol.

    I took it out for a big ride last night and its going well.

    Added bonus, I discovered a power commander under the back seat :D
  10. It sure is, well a replica atleast. Set up for drag racing.
  11. Very nice bike, not sure about the faring though... Did you buy that from Bikebiz by any chance?

    Are you going to fighter it?
  12. Fk you got some nice toys. I'm jealous.
  13. Yeh thats the one. Nah I'm not going to touch it, I bought it to put bulk kms on. I want to get out on some big trips. I'm going to put a bag and GPS on it, stick the gf on the back and get out there.

    I've been riding my 675 too much, I've put 20,000kms on it in about 9 months! Plus I put 10,000ks worth of commuting on my gf's cbr250 at the same time and shitloads of our car (not pictured in the stable).
  14. and was good seeing it on its back wheel today :D
  15. 8-[

    And I almost passed the mock up MOST test on it lol. I'm determined to make it through on the tank.

    I did the putty loop with ranga today and it went pretty well. It's not the best in the really technical stuff but its quite good on the high speed sweepers.
  16. Good looking bike mate :D Do you want more pictures of it?
    I can't believe it was sold so fast

    Attached Files:

  17. PS: What's with the scratch on the nose cone? It wasn't there before.I really pampered my bird i never i say NEVER redline nor drag race or track, i cleaned it after every ride. It looks like she only appreciates premium 98, the 95 runs fine tho but makes her sounds strangely when cold at iddle, front brake pads are new so is the rear tyre the front has about 5k.The battery is one year old.Service has been made every 5000ks
    Have fun with your new toy mate, i'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as i did
  18. :rofl: you don't have a clue
  19. lol small world eh, your a sticker freak jclaude
  20. did ranga mention how he nearly lost it from a wheelie? hahaha was bloody close