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New Across rider gearing up....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 6ixxer, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    Have taken the plunge and am buying an Across. Action in parra is giving it a final service before I take it this weekend.

    I have now obtained the following and want to know if there is anything else that you recommend or couldn't live without?

    1) Got the bike $3900
    2) Got the Snell approved Helmet ($136 (sale from 250))
    3) Got the Jacket ($199 (sale from $450))
    4) Got summer leather gloves ($59)
    5) Got the neck warmer (snood?) ($13)
    6) Got the screaming disc lock ($69)

    Will be getting a pair of overpants to match the jacket when I pick up the bike ($130ish?)

    Hope to take part in some social stuff once i'm confident on the road.
    Are there any regular activities accessible from Western Sydney?


  2. Id recommend some armoured riding boots and draggins, something to give a bit more protection then sneakers and normal jeans.
    Maybe a riding course (stay upright?)

    But i havent ridden yet so maybe you shouldnt listen to me :)
  3. Al Bundy's right. You definitely need some sturdy boots, to protect toes and ankles from being ground away while sliding down the road (hopefully that never happens, of course!). And yes, Draggins at a minimum, if you're not keen on leather. Regular jeans won't do squat, despite what many riders will try to tell you.
  4. and avoid steel capped boots.. if the toes colapse on th boot.. you'll lose yours... draggins are minimum..

    and finally.. its an accross.. if you go to netrider meets.. never ever remove your riding gear.. ESP the hemlet.. the amount of crap that gets thrown your way you really need to keep yourself safe (note: i rode one myself.. this is coming from experience.) but, when you open the tank and have you're wallet and stuff in there as opposed to riding with it in your pocket, they'll get their own.
  5. I would love to have the storage space of the Across on my bike, save me carrying round a backpack most of the time. Damn handy.
  6. will agree with you there haggismaen..
  7. Congratulations on getting your bike. :grin:
    As well as the other suggestions,get yourself a pair of winter waterproof gloves too.
  8. imagine how many packs of smokes u could have fitted in ythe accross if u had of purchased one Troy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i cant beleive u didnt buy the zx6r cause it didnt have anywhere to put ur pack of smokes :inquisition:
  9. its all about person choice and what the bike can do for the owner...
    and its not just smokes... what about beanie.. tool kit...and other bits and pieces that just dont fit in the draggins??
  10. hahaha now common troy, we all know u have been :eek:wned:
  11. narh not quite... being :eek:wned: is when a girl tells you that broke back mountain is movie where two guys fall in love with each other...when you thought different
    :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I've read that thread... I guess i'm between minimum and recommended.

    Just need decent pants by the looks of it. Was considering draggins but figured I'd get overpants that are waterproof with hip and knee protection.
    THen I can wear just about any pants underneath.

    I thought of winter gloves but keep getting told that they don't have the 'feel' that a learner needs. I'll only be taking short trips for the first few months (winter) so i'll probably get by without getting cold aching hands.

    I have high ankle leather hiking boots that will have to do until I can justify new boots. I'll also have decent insurance to cover forseeable mishaps also.
  13. I already have a list of things i'd keep in there... there goes the idea I could fit in fast food or shopping :roll:

    Neck sock, disck lock, tools, wet weather gear, tafe stuff, walet, phone, etc

    While I think of it? how do you recommend managing keys? I wouldn't want to put my entire handfull of keys hanging out of the ignition :eek:
  14. Welcome Welcome

    seems to be a ride out every weekend.

    i think it is time that we have a little learner ride out the western sydney way ..

    how west are we talking for you ? can you get yourself to windsor ?
  15. Just have your bike keys seperate from your house/car keys :)
  16. Oh and congrats on a great purchase of a great bike :grin:
  17. The cordura overpants idea is a good one to start with although they are hot in summer but thats 8 months away.
    Summer gloves are not suitable for cold weather riding, even short trips. Aching hands isnt the worst aspect of them. Long before you get to the aching stage, you loose function, slow response, loss of strength, ability to modulate effort etc. Your hands constitute 2/3rds of your mechanical input to the bike.
  18. Be very careful that you don't get too cold it can be very dangerous. Also if you've got leather gloves and they are getting wet it will reduce thier life unless you are reconditioning them each time. And its nice to have two pairs of gloves during winter so that you can put on a dry pair while you wait for the others to dry out.
  19. re the key issue: i have one of thse carabina wannnabe things you get on lanyards these days will all my keys on it.. the bike key is on a seroerate ring, so when i want it i just take it off the carabine without haviing to muck around with the rings..