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New 800cc BMW

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser2, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Hmmm.
    So parallel twins are making a big comeback?
    Triumph, Yamaha, MZ, now Kawasaki and BMW.
  3. Better than the old 650, still a bit below par though...give me an old 'barn-door' any day!
  4. Now THAT IS nice, I did like my old Yamaha twin, but I bet this would be much more refined, AND, nice and narrow for lane-splitting, for you lucky Vics! :LOL:
  5. Hey, looks like my kind of beemer... Prolly cause it doesn't look much like a beemer.... :LOL:

    I do like the new BMW range, they're well on the right track.
  6. Hmm... not half bad that!

    But I have to wonder how well a twin that isn't horizontally oposed will sell.

    I suspect it'll suffer from the "it's not a real BMW though" itis :)
  7. Not really a big BMW fan but gotta say I don't mind this one - nice and narrow with a low seat height, wonder how much they'll cost :-k
  8. Wonder if this also means we can expect to see a 800cc Parallel twin Aprilia anytime soon?
  9. Finally here then...read some stuff a while ago... this should be nice.
    If it sells like the Trixie, BM will have another winner. Engine cases even look typical Rotax. Guess that'll be the end of the R850 series then?

    Curious what else they'll come up with based on that engine...
  10. Correct.
    It aint a real Beemer.
    Where are the saggy tits?
  11. Pointing skywards.
  12. Can anyone say TRX850 :)
  13. interesting... I have the Suzuki concept bike on another page and I'm just flicking b/w the two.... is there a certain new "style" developing??

    If so does my VFR look cool??
  14. You can probably buy them cheaper and they will still go faster!

    The similarities are uncanny.
  15. Hee! :LOL:
  16. Even the R1200ST?
  17. I always thought it was a shame the british give this engine such a bad name

    It's be good to have a real mid-sized bmw again, as apposed to a downsized 1100
  18. I DO like it, but that's a HUGE muffler for just two pots. Probably to meet Euro noise regs; I can see it being replaced toot sweet here.........