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New 50cc'er in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by negatron, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I just moved to Adelaide and figured, what the hey, I might as well try my hand at the scooter thing for a little bit.

    So i took the plunge and picked up a '85 Honda Nifty Fifty so that I could ride it on my car license.

    My fifty is rather slow and on full revs it maxes out a 45 km/h.

    Going that slow makes me a little more then afraid in traffic and I'm wondering if there are any ways i can boost the acceleration and max speed?
  2. Congrats on the scoot.

    45km/hr tops doesn't sound right - I'd say it's not a matter of performance stuff for the engine, but of getting the engine serviced with the hope that a problem can be found. The bike should be no slower than 55km/hr (- yes, old scoots can be that slow; but really a bike should be capable of the speed limit if it's to be safe). I can understand why you're nervous - I wouldn't ride that bike in traffic, you'll anger a driver and he'll do something stupid and you'll get hurt.

  3. Finally!

    Whoo hoo!

    After several bad / failed deals I've finally gotten my 50 cc scooter!

    Its a black '04 Bolwell Tornado that tops out at 70 on a flat road.

    Being an absolute first time on anything with a motor and 2 wheels, I figured it might be a good idea if i could get some riding mentorage from someone more experienced.

    I know its "only" a 50 cc but hey, one more safe rider on the roads can't hurt right?

    So any kind fellas wanna help a bloke out with learning to ride in Adelaide?
  4. Congratulations! There's nothing quite so fun as two-wheels, especially with this weather!

    Are there scooter clubs / rides in Adelaide?

    Go easy on your brakes in the wet!
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ....45 km/h are a joke here....the slowest scooter goes at 70.... but the fastest goes at 120 km-h easily... :cool: :twisted: :twisted: the my aprilia SR Factory scooter ,with DITECH injection engine, takes 90 kmh without problems and use one liter to drive for 35 km...cool ah? aprilia number one... :cool: :cool:
  6. Yes the SR50 is an excellent little scoot.

    Hey where in Italy are you? and where in Australia will you be moving to?
  7. G'day from the West Coast...

    Like you I'm new to two wheeling it and have only recently bought a 50cc hairdryer to zip around on... and found the same problem....

    but it's an easy fix....

    ... many models of 50cc scooters have a "restricter" in the exhaust that literally restricts the exhaust flow and therefore (ultimately) your top speed... Look for a gasket between your exhaust and muffler (at least that was where it was on my Hyosung Rally 50)... simply remove the existing gasket - which will have a smaller hole than the diameter of the exhaust pipe if it is the culprit - with a new unrestricted gasket you should be able to get from the dealer you bought your scooter from for a couple of bucks (or you can make one yourself - using the original as a template - out of cardboard and a bit of gasket goo from your local Auto One....

    ....this simple trick took my top speed from 40-45k's to 75k's.... still not fast by any stretch of the imagination but respectable enough that I don't have white knuckles every time I see something in the rear view mirror or over my shoulder in traffic....

    Have fun with the nifty fifty mate... 8-D
  8. Dude,

    Have a look at my other posts.

    I got rid of the nifty and now have a Bolwell/Pgo Tornado.

    The 45 km/h on the nifty wasn't because it was restricted, but rather it was a 1985 engine that had something wrong in it!

    THats why i went and got my money back the next day because it couldn't even start anymore.

    good to hear that you got your scooter though, more 2 wheelers around!
  9. My bad negatron...

    Have fun with the Tornado... :)
  10. Hey all, my Tornado gets to 75 pretty easily, headlamps are piss poor though, I added a spotty.....
  11. Wow, I think that's a great idea,

    I went for a night ride last night and it was hard to see much.

    Could you post a pic to let us see how and where you mounted it?
  12. Give me a day or two to get a pic organised.
  13. Nice modification there mate... I might - scratch that - I WILL be doing something similar to my Hyosung now that I've seen your pix as I've had the same problem - piss poor headlights even on high beam - I swear a Dolphin torch would work better than the factory fitted headlight LOL

    I'll post a photo or three when it's done :)

    P'haps this could be the start of a new thread? ...one for descriptions and/or pix of modifications people have made to their beasties... *shrugs* I'd love to see if anyone has gone whole hog and turned their Vespa into Quadrophenia set piece :grin:



  14. Thanx, I'm pretty happy with it. Main advantage is, it is a small spotty, so was pretty easy to do. I bludged power off the horn, (which still works by the way), a couple of self-tapping screws and it was done. Switch is in the foot-well as you can see on photograph 2.:
  15. Only problem now (after it's been on there for 6 months), the spotty's sucking a bit too much power and the battery's not charging enough. Without spotty on it's fine. Some modification needed.....
    Anybody point me in the direction of technical specifications for the Tornado?
  16. I retro fitted some car H3 bulbs instead, but found that the scoot can't power the things properly to give enough light.

    Can anyone give ideas on how to get more power out of the electrical system?
  17. thought id share the love of this little lambretta i had privilege to meet

  18. Alas, that Lammy is no more. Siobhan got cleaned up by an illegal U-turning taxi. The Lammy will be restored - but it will have a new theme so I'm told.