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New 50cc scooter, in WA, how to get license?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by hmboy, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, parents recently won a Vmoto Milan jx50 50cc scooter.

    I currently have my learners permit(was going to get car license) but my parents gave me the scooter for my 18th so i was just wondering how i would go about it.

    Long weekend, couldnt find anything about it on the net :/

    I live in western australia.

    Thanks :D
  2. You are one lucky man. Good to see your parents are actually supporting your riding.
  3. In WA you can ride a 50cc scooter on your car lisence as long as you display your P plates if you are on them.

    There are a lot of scooter training facilities available such as Alert MotorCycle school and ScootaMoto

    *edit* Spelling
  4. yeah mate,
    you still have to get some sort of license.

    a car license will allow you to ride a 50cc scoot as well over here.
  5. GREAT Work hmboy !!!

    Great to hear from a potential WA up and comming rider.

    How soon do you plan on going for your (car) Driving test ?

    In WA :-
    * Anything bigger than a 50cc will require a R-E or R Class license.
    * An R-N Class is also available if your only interested in riding a moped or small scooter.
    * As already mentioned, to Ride a 50CC on the road, you will need a License of some sort - Having a car (C Class) will allow you to ride the scooter.
    * If you dont have a drivers license, a R-N or R-E learners permit will be required to learn to ride the scooter.

    I would suggest that regardless of the class of licence you choose to get, riding lessons are almost a must. This will get you comfortable with the bike, teach you correct vehicle operation, start your road craft skills on the right foot and start you off with the confidence to ride for years to come.

    If your interested, let me know (and depending on your area) we might be able to have a chat about it or even tee up something in the way of a bit of tuition :).

    Good Luck and welcome to the forum.

  6. Hey all thanks for the help

    Atm im planning on getting this:

    * An R-N Class is also available if your only interested in riding a moped or small scooter.
    as i believe it would be the easiest to get, i was hoping on getting my r-n p's asap, as i have done about 7 profesional car driving lessons, and i dont really like driving a car (just prefer scooter).

    Also, im in Willetton, south of the river.

    Heres a pic i snapped a few days ago :)

  7. hmboy,

    Nice Pic - Looks like the cat wants to have a ride too !

    I'm north of the river, but if you want to arrange something for a weekend, lemmie know and we'll see what happens.

    Have you got the riding gear yet ?

  8. Thanks

    Only got an open scooter helmet that came with it.

    What sort of scoot do you have?
    I think basically i might have to resit my leaners test (to get an R-N learners permit) well thats what im guessing.

    So i'll have to wait until tuesday or until someone else posts on this forum with my answer.

    But yer it would be cool if you could give me some lessons, id have to ask my folks about it, but mainly i just need to know the whole process of getting my license first.

    Do you have MSN?
    Please add me: hmboy@netspace.net.au i have many questions :p
  9. Hey Man !

    Any progress on the Learners ? :)

    I dont have a scooter - Have a 250 at the moment.

    Riding basics are the same for any bike, there are a few handeling/technique and road safety differences with a scooter (being a bit slower on take off and cruzing, you find you need to adjust for impatient cagers).

    I'll let you know when I get my MSN up and running.

    I'm way north of the river, but let me know once your ready and we can arrange a bit of a day somewhere if you like.

  10. hey hmboy

    i'm in Freo so pretty close to you. :)

    not taking anything away from ZZRoom's offer but i would also get at least a few professional lessons. By all means ride with other license holders but also do teh lessons, there are many things that they will mark you down for in the actual test that arent actually illegal so it pays to get some help there.

    for eg, in the test you will get marked down if you dont look down approaching side streets, although legally you obviously dont HAVE to do this you do in the test.

    Also because you'll go to the Stock Rd/Leach Hwy licensing centre, if you go to a riding instructor near your area they will know the routes that the various testers are likely to take you on so you can do a few dummy runs and then you'll be ahead when the test comes around.

    I used Andrews Driving School on the cnr of Carrington St and Rockingham Rd in Hamilton Hill/Hilton and he was really good, but i'm sure there is one even closer to you.

    good luck with it all mate.
  11. Duffman - Couldnt have said it better myself !

    I recently did my unrestricted and there was a lot of merit in using an instructor in the are where you will book your test.

    You learn the route (and I did the EXACT Route that the instructor took me on regularly), you (re)learn the technique (road positioning, head checks, scanning etc) AND you get familiarity with the area.

    All in all, getting the best instruction and grounding possible is vital for your riding career ! (Sounds like a marketing speel) :)

    Yep Good luck !
  12. Hey hmboy,
    I agree with the other posts,
    Getting instruction is well worth the money,
    did that before open bike test, had all the stuff (wrong for the road)
    I was still doing from learning on a dirt bike pointed out to me,
    and the helmet, ditch the open face, get a full face, IMHO,
    An open face helmet is only if you don't care about your looks or face.
    Hope it goes well, and much happy riding.
  13. i agree. since you got the bike for free you should be happy to spend a few hundred bucks on gear, helmet/gloves/jacket would be the minimum i'd use on a scooter, draggin jeans and rjays speed boots would be good too but only 1 in 1000 scooter riders would bother wearing them for some weird reason.

    chuck the new helmet on ebay you'll get some $ for it. enjoy the new toy.
  14. hi guys, i've just moved to stirling from melbourne. i'm taking lessons to get my RE license and i had a ZXR250 in melbourne i sold before moving, but now i've got a scooter. i've been riding solo in melbourne, but now i'm in wa and i only have my learner's and i don't know anyone here. i'd like to get my RE license and not just an RE-A so if i ever want to ride a bike i can. it's just annoying for me because i've had the freedom of riding solo and now i have to ride with another person, which is kinda hard when you don't know anyone in the state and you don't want to have to pay for heaps of lessons. anyone with an extra bike, extra time and lots of patience willing to help or know of anyone??
  15. Hey Beachy - Welcome to the BEST State in Australia - And to a pretty cool forum !!!

    Great to see another WA Rider on-line.

    Lemmie know if you need a riding buddy or some pointers... I only have one operational bike at the moment - bit that should be cool if you have your own scooter.

    Enjoy !
  16. are you available this weekend?
  17. Sadly, No !

    Going to Mandurah this weekend.. (If the weather is fine) - BUT MAY be back Sunday for and arvo ride... PM me your details and I'll give you a call if I'm due back early and your up for a scoot !

  18. can't pm you because i need to have posted 5 times or something silly like that. after this week i won't be v free, i start uni then and it will be full on, we'll see in the future, but i think i may have found someone to help me out. cheers, hope mandurah is good, hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer this weekend (as compared to anzac day)