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New 3G iphone - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by AdamR33, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. So they have announced the new iPhone is going to be coming out


    What are peoples thoughts on the phone in comparison to say the n95/n96 etc?

    For the price they are talking about there it seems very cheap, although I am guessing it wont be final pricing.

    Its very tempting though to upgrade from my e65

  2. Speeds similar to wi-fi? How?

    And does the iPhone also act as a MP3 player? If so, how at that pricing would anyone buy an iTouch?
  3. Yeah right. I reckon the reason for the price cut is simply due to the fact the Chinese are already producing copies for a far more realistic price. Exactly the same thing that drove the price of iPods down so fast.
  4. Another thing that could be driving this is the development of the Android OS from Google. This is shaping up to be a serious competitor.
  5. Most of my friends have the current iPhone and are happy with it.

    If its cheaper with more functions that's even better.
  6. I dislike Apple products.
  7. 3G was the norm for smart phones well before the original iPhone came out so why did they release a 2G one? So that they could double dip on early adopters who are hooked on the religion of apple. From the reports I received from a friend wo was given one they are pretty limited. The OS seems damned fast, I’ll give them that. But there functionality is all a bit restricted (Like most apple products)
    Personally I say get a MW phone or wait on this Google one that looks like it will also be the goods. (especially seeing as you can get ones with GPS (iPhone doesn’t have that)
  8. Yes.

    From what I can tell it looks a lot like an iPod touch with phone capability. Just what I'm after. A friend of mine got one from overseas, they're an awesome little device. If Voda are offering it I'll most likely get one once their network is up to scratch.

    EDIT: Hey, F-L -
    Looks like the new 3G iPhone does have GPS. (http://www.apple.com/iPhone/features/maps.html)
  9. The pricing is supposed to be "worldwide" according to Steve Jobs. However, the Optus spokesman said that its pricing structure would be in the ballpark of current smartphones.

    Now, the N95, Imate Ultimate, Palm Treo 750 and other similar products are all north of $500, with some up around the $1,000 mark.

    If you look at these phones they are usually on high end plans, too. Typically $80 and higher a month.

    So, already, there seems to be confusion as to what they will charge for the iPhone. Steve J is saying one thing, the local telcos are suggesting something else.

    I wonder what its "dialpad" is like, given that it doesn't appear to have a keypad. Same for entering data, new addresses, numbers, etc..

    I'd be waiting to see what the competition does, once it's released, particularly as you guys are talking about Chinese manufacturers and this new Google OS.
  10. I have a feeling that pricing will be if you also sign up to a 24 month contract on a highish end plan
  11. If the "worldwide" pricing is going to be under $400 then there's no reason why it cannot be on a basic $30 plan or a $29 cap plan like the likes of 3 markets.

    Most phones sold by Telstra, for example which cost that much are on the low end plans. It's the likes of the more expensive ones, such as the Motorola V9 which retails for nearly $900, or the Nokia 95 which retails for around $1,000 which are on $60 and $80 plans respectively. (The V9 is supposedly available now on a $40 plan but the latest Telstra catalog still has it at $60.
  12. I bought the Nokia N95 8GB to appease me until a phone with the Android platform was released.

    The Android platform seems to be the business.
    Mr Bin offering USD M$10 to developers that come up with the best apps for it.

    Now apple are doing the same whilst trying to play catch up.

    The N95 8GB is that good a phone (yes, my wife is stunned that I actually like a phone) I think I will stay with it till it is at the end of its life then move onto Android.
  13. So they reckon about US$299, by the time you add GST, currency etc we will see it come in around AUD$500 to AUD$600. :cool:

    One reason I love my Ipod Nano and Samsung phone is that it they are so small. This apple thing looks pretty big.
  14. I've got the N95 8GB and i love it. I don't think i could deal with an iPhones keypad style. Also, i need decent camera on my phone (one reason i got the N95, 5MP camera yo!)
  15. my nokia navigator has GPS

    how can the GPS on the iPhone be better?
  16. I'm not saying that the iPhone one is any better but neither the nokia maps nor the GPS chip in the nokia are anything special...
  17. Dunno how you figure that out. If Apple says that it's "worldwide pricing" then that's what it should sell at.

    The exchange rate means that 299 could be around 310. Even if this is GST excluded then add $31 to it. $340. It's still WAY cheaper than some model phones like Motorola V3xx or V9, and less than half the price of the smart phones such as the Palm Treo, N95 and so on.

    It appears to be the same size as an iTouch which is on par with the likes of a standard PDA. That's not huge by any means and will fit into your pocket. It also eliminates the need to carry two things, phone and media player.

    I doubt that I'll get one. My wife might if they release it on NextG/Telstra. Otherwise as a 3G phone it will be useless to us as there is no 3G out where we are on Optus. It's only GSM as far as I'm aware. Optus' 3G for the stix will be 900Mhz which the iPhone won't cover.

    Whatever, we'll see what Optus has to offer when it's released.
  18. I stand corrected.
    GPS As well that is a good move.
  19. I have *heard* that those prices are with a sign up to AT&T. They are apparently changing the pricing model where they share profits from customers plans with the telco in exchange for selling the phone for less

    That could be a good or bad move i guess.

    Who knows, in the end they will probably rip the consumer one way or another to satisfy their shareholders.
  20. Well lets just say I work for a large carrier that is currently not going to be selling the iPhone but as they say watch this space.

    I have heard that it will sell for aroud the price I have quoted.

    As a business phone I hope they hav addressed the issue of email, the original one is a PITA to use. You have to delete each email singurly and as a person who gets 150 emails a day o good.

    But anyway looks good but it is still too big for me.