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New 2nd hand Bike - When to service?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by TonySV, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    My first post on Netriders.

    I just put a deposit on a Bandit gsf250v (Genuine Import) at a local dealer. I should be picking the bike up next weekend..

    Should I be getting it service by a 3rd party to check for any probs/issues before I get stuck into riding.. Or Just ride it for 1000-2000kms and check her in for a service.

    Two Up.

  2. The answer depends on the condition of the bike to begin with and how much can you trust the bike to have been serviced properly before you pick it up.
  3. any service history? as i'm looking at buying a second hand 250 in the future i'm wondering if i should do a minor/major service straight away. does a major service generally involve changing over chains/sprockets? that's probably a stupid question as it depends on their condition :oops: :p

    anyone remember how much servicing their across/zzr250/cbr250 set them back (major or minor service)?
  4. The bike is in excellent condition. It basically looks brand new. The except the OD has 40,000km on it.. New brake pads, tyres are very new and runs very nicely but I only had a very short ride.

    No service history available.... The original owner traded in for Bandit 1200. I was sold to me by Raceway Suzuki in Keilor - appeared to be a well run business which was another reason for purchasing the bike from them.

    I have looked at around 10 grey imported bandits and none came close to the condition of this bike.

    I guess my main concern is the condition of Oil, filters ..etc..


    Two Up
  5. seeing as though there's no service history, i'd say check it in for a (hopefully) minor service...

    peace of mind and all that.
  6. If you're only concerned about the oil, filters, etc., you should be able to do it yourself. Check through the little window on the side of the engine to see how black the oil is. If it is filthy, just change it yourself - which will mean changing the oil filter at the same time. If you've got a mate who rides and can help you, you should be able to figure out how to let the oil out of the engine and get the filter out as well. Drop into your local bike access. shop and pick up some good oil (eg. Motul) and a filter. Should take you an hour or so... and save you some $$!

    Will the bike be coming with an owner's manual? Even if it doesn't it should be pretty straightforward.

    If you've got a mate that's worked on his/her bike before, it will help a lot. And he/she might be able to help you bleed the brakes as well and so replace the brake fluid if it's a little gunky. (But if you've got new brakes, that should have been attended to).

    if you're looking for a good bike mechanic in Sydney, 'Lloyd Penn' in Atarmon is the bomb. ;) Honest guy and great mechanic.
  7. Yah, I'd change the oil and the filter and get the valves checked at a minimum if it has no service history.

    I had an 'ordinary' experience when I bought a bike from Raceway a few years back... but that's a while ago now.

    Good luck with your new (2nd hand) bike :)
  8. I bought my bike from a dealer, and made sure they serviced it prior to me picking it up, I got the sales guy to write that, and a 3 month engine warranty, on the sales contract when I paid the deposit. That way if anything was dodgey, I was covered.

    I need not have worried in the end, found out the mechanic is a jet (Milton @ Motorworks) and the Dealer has a good reputation.

    If you want to be absolutely sure, drop the oil, replace filters etc as soon as you get it home, cheap insurance really.

  9. every time I've bought a bike, I give it a full service just to be safe... never know how long it's been sitting at the dealer too, so might not be running perfectly even if it was 100kms since the last service