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NEW 250s in Australia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Indiana, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. So, What NEW 250's are available for sale in Australia? I'm after the sports style, not the "Chopper style" cuiser. I know Honda have the CB250 and VTR250, and soon CBF250. Is the Kawasaki GPX250 or ZZR250 sold NEW? Do any other manufactures sell new 250s in this style??? If so, are they quality units?

  2. Also Hyosung GT250
  3. I think the GPX goes for about 6 grand new, but I would seriously recommend a second hand bike as a first bike.
  4. Yeah what are your reasons for buying a new 250?
  5. the vtr are nice and so are the hyosung. how much u planning to spend?
  6. The Honda CBF250 is now in store (well I know it is in store @ Redwing Honda in Melbourne)

    Looked like a nice bike for a first bike. Don't think it would have as much "power" as a VTR250 but certainly a great first bike.

    Might take one for a spin and see how it feels to go backwards in power :p

  7. VTR250, ZZR250, GPX250, GT250R, GT250, CBF250...pretty much everything listed and they all are sold brand new. The VTR and ZZR (~$9000) would be the most expensive with the GPX and CBF (~$6000) being the cheaper ones
  8. GPX and ZZR are both sold new.
    GPX can usually be had onroad for less than $6k, probably get good gear discount at the same time.

    Decent deal I think, considering its only $2k more than a good secondhand one.

    Secondhand is best if you do all your own servicing, save a fortune (depending on how many k's you do). If you dont like fixing stuff a new bike is ok.
  9. waste of time buying new, get something thats already run in and depreciated, that way you lose much less when (not if) you sell up in a year and a bit.
  10. I disagree with coconuts, getting a decent GPX (Meaning 10 years or less in age) is averaging about $4000-$4500 in the trading post/bikesales.

    I personally would rather spend an EXTRA $1500 and get something new, with a warranty - and having the peace of mind that I know the odo hasn't been fiddled with, the engine hasn't been thrashed etc.

    And also, given that they retain value so well, you would be able to sell it in 18 months/2 years and not lose out much on it.
  11. anyone had a chance to take a CBF250 for a spin yet??

    looks interesting. But i have a feeling it probably won't like pillions that much... not that any 250 really does.. but with the single cylinder does that make it nicer or worse for larger loads compared to a SPADA or GPX?
  12. Less cylinders generally means more torque, which generally pulles loads (two-up) better...
  13. WTF :shock:

    I'll sell you my 15y/o 91 for 2K.... Goes just as well as any 96-2000 GPX... I just took it to Mannum two-up on Saturady and got 155Kmh out of her (on a private road of course), so its not like they crap themselves at 10 y/o...
  14. That's the thing with 250's. Coz of the way the market is structured, they hold their value quite well considering their age etc...If you can get a good deal you could walk away with a new 250 for only a little more than a 4 or 5 yo bike with countless who knows what issues. Of course, if the budget is tight, then new is not an option.
  15. hmm might be worth a look then.... shall have to keep my eyes out for a review/ride test then

    Shall have to go sit on one i think....
  16. See, with me, I would only be able to "buy" once, due to financial constraints. I have a family etc and would only be using the bike for work travels (30ks a day round trip), so I would want and need something that will last me............and not cost a fortune in maintenance.

    I wont give a shit if it isn't a rocket......as I wont be going long distances etc.
  17. If you are going to keep it after you are off restrictions, then the GPX or the Hyo 250R would be my choice.
    As soon as I am off my restrictions I will be straight on to a new Hyo 650R because I cant afford a Duke.
  18. or you could buy one for $4k and sell it for the same after that time. do your hunting right and dont get ripped off in the first place and you can end up barely a dollar short instead of losing $1500-$2000 over that period.

    buuuuuut each to their own.... some people just like to burn money on near 20 year old technology :LOL:
  19. The cbf250 (being a single) would be lucky to top out at 120km/h if its predecessor, the cb250, is anything to go by. This bike is at it's best commuting in traffic I wouldn't like to ring it's neck for a couple of hours on the highway, and I certainly wouldn't like to take a pillion on it at highway speeds (if it would get up to them!).

    The spada or vtr (twin cylinders) will cover bigger distances more easily (and are considerably quicker than the single cylinder 250's), and the faired twins (gpx, zzr) will offer more wind protection than nakeds, something to consider perhaps if you're doing lots of highway km's.