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New 250 Ninja

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NegroGrande, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. What do you think?
    I just saw it in the new two wheels I think it looks mint.

    kwaka are now doing an 07 GPX run out
  2. Looks good. But gpx prices have been significantly down below RRP for the last year and a bit, I'd imagine in anticipation of the new ninja's release - this lower price has allowed alot of learners to afford buying new. But the new ninja won't be as much of a bargain for those on a budget.

    GPX is what, 6500RRP? The new one is about 7000RRP? So I'd imagine the out the door price would be between 7500-8000 depending on bargaining.. Pretty high for a 250, might make people reconsider buying new.
  3. When passed a kawi shop today sat on a few bikes. :) .
    And I asked about the new 250 as there is 3 threads on it. :wink:

    Its red or black and out in Mid January and ride away. $7500.
    And that was no bargaining ,so take a few $100 more off once you start to shop around.
  4. Yeah thats a pretty good price... Feel sorry for people who've got an 07 gpx :( Just keep em as commuters guys ! :)
  5. bought time they did something about the unchanged-since-1980's GPX.

    looks sexy. pity about the paper thin pillion seat, looks like you would be pissing blood for a week after pillioning for a day. looks like something to have some fun on. 30hp. i particularly like the headlights, very ninja. sucks the way the prices havent been affected by the dollar. why is it 3.5K in america and double that here. its not the year 200 anymore. the dollar is higher than that guys. anybody know how much it would cost to import the overseas model and get it registered here :LOL:
    from kawasaki site america
  6. Yeah, but the importing process has massive fees and involved and is a big hassle :(
  7. Not mentioning you cant import it from the us due to it not fitting the 1989 rule, or the not released here rule.

    I think what he was getting at was: Its a jap bike, and they import to the us and they sell at $3500 USD, just a little over $4000 AUD, but we cant get it imported to us for that price from japan, even tho we are closer?
  8. its hot
  9. There are two issues here. Is the bike hot? Yes, it is. No argument, I think no sane person would suggest GPX is better looking, in fact, better in any way.

    But the other issues is, is this a good value? That is very debatable. GPX was a great deal at 4,990 rrp, which probably meant somewhere between 6-6.5k on the road, depending on sellers' desire to sell and buyer's bargaining skills. The figures mentioned here for the new model are more like 7.5 ride away and there will be probably very little room for bargaining in the first year or so. Consider this new bike is not *that* different from the outgoing model - sure it is dressed up to catch up with the styling, but it actually isn't greatly improved under the skin or in terms of performance.

    I would argue that if they managed to keep the price on the level of the outgoing model this would be a very significant release. But with the price going up to another level it becomes a lot more ho-hum.

    And the insult to the injury is that in the US market they somehow manage to keep the price at comparable level to the outgoing model - so it simply has to be possible in Australia as well and the size of the market, that favourite excuse we hear all the time, has nothing to do with it. The bike is not manufactured for our market. It comes off the same production line and it costs the same no matter whether it gets shipped to the US or Australia...

    Edit: Oops, GPX is 5,990 rrp, not 4,990 as I thought... Well, it does make the new Ninja considerably hotter :)
  10. I was quoted 64990 + on roads. 7100 drive away in VIC anyway.
  11. Hyosung GT250R (people seems to have no problem buying this bike) - $6690 + ORC

    2008 Ninja 250 - $6490 + ORC


    Let me think about which one is better value...
  12. God damn kawasaki, why couldnt they decided to make this bike a year earlier? Wouldn't of bought the GT, not that im saying its an overly bad bike :p Ill admit though, if i was offered one of these new ninjas in exchange of my hyo, I'd take it.
  13. Depends, anyone know for sure the new Kwaka is actually being made in Japan? Wouldn't be surprised if the low price was the result of it being made in China or SE Asia (or at least using a lot of parts sourced from those areas).
  14. Doesn't matter where it's made or put together ,as long as Kawasaki are putting there name on the tank . I would be 100% more confident in the product with the R&D ,the places their getting the parts from, and most of all the supervisor with a big stick ,over seeing the assembly at the factory.

    Maybe the superviser at the Hyo factory need a bigger stick. :wink:
  15. Who gives a toss about the pillion seat, it's a learner bike.
  16. Totally agree. I'm surprised it even has a pillion seat. Would look better as a single I reckon, but then I suppose it limits the market even more.

    I understand there's always going to be a 250 market due to commuters / small people etc,. but with the LAMS changes due to come in soon (to Vic anyhow)....are Kwaka being a bit optimistic at $7500 ??? There's a lot of low km 600's out there for this kind of coin.....or not much more anyhow.(Even their own ER6n is stuff all more $ and at least is up for a decent trip away if asked)
  17. Probably because the only available bigger than 250 new LAMS road bikes are there the GS500 and Hyosung GT650. There will still be a market for it.
  18. The ER6 ,Is not a LAMS bike.
  19. There's a race kit with a bunch of blingy, apparently "racing" bits, one of which is a single seat kit.