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New 2017 VStrom

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by 69SIM, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. The gold-rim, wire-spoke wheels look great. I like the overall appearance of this model over previous ones but I'm not sure if it is hugely different? I like that it has an extended front fender. The Arrow exhaust you had on your V-Strom would be the first modification I'd make to it.
  2. Yeah the overall slight redesign makes it look a bit more angular and aggressive but not too much difference. The colour scheme is a winner for me, I would have gotten that had it been available when I bought mine. Agreed about the exhaust, I don't like their big hoover sized stock exhaust.
  3. Looks great, I think.

    And, is that cruise control added to the right switch gear I spy? Hope so, I think more bikes should come standard with it now considering the move to ride by wire throttles.
  4. Unless they've improved the rider/pillion seating over the previous model then it's still a no from me.
  5. Well now, Bosch are getting this ABS advanced tech further afield. They will have also programmed in the "loose traction"/"bumpy road" surveillance into the ABS. The old Vstrom's used to go sailing down bumpy hills under full brake and ABS, resulting in riders wiring in cut out switches. If what I'm told is correct, the ABS watches the wheel speed profile and if it fits the bill of a bumpy road, the ABS activates slightly differently allowing more lock.

    Linked one way only? That is interesting.
  6. Yeah, looks good :)

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  7. It does look better than the previous versions for sure.
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  8. Non-adjustable front suspension on the 650.
    My '07 model has it.
    Is that going backwards, or are the OEM forks that much better?

    Some obvious signs of cost cutting.
    Hate the exhaust, but at least it's a lower C.o.G
    The integrated luggage mounts are a nice touch.