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New 2016 ZX10

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by oz-riley, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Saw this today, Just arrived at PS, the new 2016 ZX10, Matt Grey in colour.
    Nice bike, but priced at $24K ouch!



  2. is that lambs approved ?
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  3. Read a lot about these.
    The suspension up front sounds very trick.
    Would be interested in riding one for sure.
  4. Nah, that is the Ninja 300 next to it. :)
  5. "is that lambs approved ? " ( uncle Greg )

    Hope so...without the lambs buying the latest and greatest toys then figuring out they have bitten off more than they can chew and subsequently onselling their P&J in 12 months or so, there wouldn't be a lot to look forward to in upcoming cheap trackbikes....

    I for one always prefer the 1 yo, pampered supersport bike with the oem tyres hardly worn and the big depreciation chunk paid for by someone else when shopping for a 'new' toy.
  6. yep that's how I got my factory
  7. at 24k thats a baa-gain.
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  8. lol
  9. Wow what was so so special about this one? I looked at 2016 zx10r abs and it was $15990 ride away...the 2016 ninj 1000 was $14990 1 and my z1000 $15990!
    Even the zx10r abs se was only $17000 on road!
  10. but but but
    its matte grey
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  11. #11 Oldmaid, Jan 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
    Will be interested to hear your feedback if you do mr!
    The whole ergos with that enormous tank was not that comfortable imo. Same wet weight as the z1000 221kg but not as tight as the z1000 I thought.
    Very little improvement on the previous models tbh. Edit in terms of seating adjustment none!
    Yup fancy brembo and their new Showa shocks on the front.
    I think if Kawasaki want the zx10 as to be more "competitive" in terms of sales to occas. track riders then I think there needs to be quite a few tweaks Edit: in terms of broadening market appeal esp to women. You couldn't pay me to put up with that tank. And whilst there are more bells and whistles, the dash is uber clunky and a lot of fiddle arsing to find what you need!
    I reckon with the right rider the 2016 Z1000 would out perform the zx10r. Edit.nOkay maybe.
    The z1000 just seemed more nimble and lighter feeling. to me.
    And I am still learning. I know that I know very little.
    The zx10r was high on my list of bikes. Way too high and no lowering possible.
  12. Saw the winter edition at Melbourne city PS today. Looks good with the black bike and white contrast. Not sure how the stickers would last without the clear coat though.
  13. Sooo did u put a deposit down???
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    Sorry, but I'm tipping you are talking about my2015 run outs..

    Lots of changes and improvements, nearly all focused on improving the bikes 'track-ability'....changes to the geometry, suspension, engine, fairing, electronic aids etc etc....

    * z1000 is a roady sports tourer, seemingly an able successor to that bastion of 'UJM' the zx9r
    * zx10r is the basis for a superstock or superbike racer, just available off the showroom floor with rego and lights.

    each to their own, fit for purpose and all of that....can't wait for 2017
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  15. You will be refering to the last of the 2015/16 models, this is the all new model.

    Still a big price jump for new Tech.
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  16. So my z1000 is a 2016 model manufactured in oct 2015...
    so do I call it a 2016 z1000 or not... confusing to a know nothing like me!
    But who gives a shit I guess, all I care about is that it is mine for now.
    Unless I get the tits lopped off I couldn't ride a zx10 even if I was given one for free.
  17. If your selling it "yeh mate it's a 2016" among friends 2015:woot:
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  18. If you really want to know the answer then check your VIN number.

    Digits 1,2,3 are World, Manufacturer, Identifier
    Digits 4,5,6,7,8 are Vehicle descriptor Section -- *Somewhat variable based on manufacturer.
    Digit 9 is the check digit
    Digit 10 is the Year code
    Digit 11 is the Factory code
    Digits 12,13,14,15,16,17 are the Vehicle Identification Sequence

    Kawasaki VIN Decoder, Lookup and Kawasaki Check History
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  19. Winter version.

  20. That's a wicked look'n bike.
    Look's a bit difficult to see out the mirrors though lol.