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New 2011 Yamaha R15

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by TR15tan, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Bought it brand new earlier this year. Perfect learner bike for a little girl like myself.


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  2. Looks good!

    Ride safe :)
  3. Nice! Good looking bike - I'm sure it'll be heaps of fun to ride! And I like someone who coordinates :)

    Are you really a little girl? Or is that just what your mates call you for having a teddy bear?
  4. Ummm, 24 yo female, 165cm and 50kg... is that little enough?
  5. :) Yep
  6. I think that this bike would make a great commuter. Good top speed and excellent fuel economy. Post up a long term update in a few months if you could please, want to see how it lasts
  7. Nice bike congrats enjoy the ride
  8. Had it since March but had to move interstate for work as soon as it arrived from o/s. Dropped it on the first night out (didn't get home until late so maiden voyage was in the dark!), no damage to fairings, few scratches on the indicator. Left it garaged for 2 months while I was interstate, came back and it worked like new, battery didn't need a charge. Left it for another 2 months and came back in May, worked like new. Left it again for another 2 months and came back in July, worked like new but dropped it again and probably added a scratch or 2 to the indicator, but rest of the bike was fine. Left it garaged for another 2 months, came back last weekend, worked perfectly, cruised down the highway into the city, no drops this time! :)
  9. Would like to have some more updates on the mileage of this bike. Heard from a friend that this is a nice bike with great features.
  10. ooh thats hot ( petite woman fetish )
  11. nice little bike for a little lady :)

    enjoy yourself and dont drop it no more!
  12. Looks pretty neat, how do you find it when you get the k's up a bit? I contemplated something like this briefly before I bought my bike as a starting point, but was overly concerned about the performance and stability at higher speeds. I bet it'd be perfect around town though, and for low speed naviagation, especially for someone of your size.
  13. What does it max out to on the slab?