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New 2011 Honda CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by iEdd, May 8, 2010.

  1. Interesting, I couldn't find any existing threads on this.

    I was at a bike dealer today and we got talking about the price changes of the CBR125R, and I mentioned the CBF250, to which he responded that you can't get them anymore. Is this true? Anyway, he mentioned that in February 2011, a new CBR250RR, with the VTR250 engine will be sold for $7000 + ORC to compete with the Ninja 250R.

    However, seeing as the VTR250 is $8500 + ORC, and faired bikes are always more expensive than their naked equivalent, wouldn't that mean when this new CBR comes out, the VTR would logically drop to $6000-$6500 + ORC? If so, that would be a sweet deal, bringing it back to around its price before it was discontinued.

  2. Photoshop BS.
  3. it does say rendering darky lol

    2011 Honda CBR250RR rendering


  4. I know. Still BS. I thought the 125s were because of the European market?
  5. Yeah I'd seen that rendering. However, the dealer didn't use the word "might" and implied that it was officially coming here next Feb.

    Like I said, wouldn't that mean the VTR would need to be seriously price-slashed? [c.f. GS500/GS500F, GT250/GT250R, etc]
  6. They do need something fresh in the 250 segment. This might be able to be mass produced more cheaply than the VTR, and possibly more aggressively (p)riced because of the direct competition.

    Unlike the VTR to a fair extent, a 'Blade lookalike gives 250 buyers something to step up into in the Honda range. Somewhat bafflingly, there was never an obvious upgrade within the family for people who liked their VTR250, with the two even vaguely similar mid capacity V-twin prospects probably being the SV650 and Aprilia 750 Shiver.

    Why there was never a naked VTR around 750cc (or a naked VTR1000 as well for that matter) is anyone's guess, but the success of the SV over the years seems a good argument.
  7. id like to see an update on the 250rr's as these old ones are pissin me off, people getting ripped off buying 1
  8. Though if they were to build one of those using the VTR donk, then the CBR250RRRRR I4 market will stay alive because they put out more top end grunt, so Kids wanting the fastest blah blah blah bike will still keep getting em, and throwing Tyga kits at em.
    Well unless they can afford an RVF :D
  9. There was rumour that the VTR would be discontinued a while ago...

    Which bike dealer were you at? Dealers ain't dealers you know.

    But it won't be something new, it'll be a VTR, with less power due to tougher euro restrictions, more weight from the fairing & it will more expensive than a VTR.

    & a lot more bloody expensive to drop!

    It's not a CBR250, it a VTR with a fairing. They should call it a VTR250F.
  10. But they won't, for the same reason Kawa call the new 650 abomination a Ninja, and Yamaha are calling the new faired XJ thing an FZ. It's all about marketing.
  11. Don't forget the YZF-R125, which is a scooter.
  12. So very, very true.

    VTR did get discontinued, then resurrected.
  13. Little inline twins, and little singles I can tolerate as mini ninjas, mini R6/1s and mini CBR's.

    But not the VTR. V-twins are special. VTR250R, hell yeah. But not CBR250R. Recognize the vtr name and breed for the magnificent thing it is...
  14. Team Moto Honda.

    Yes, and it will be [apparently] around $7k to compete with the Ninja 250R, which means that the VTR will have to drop in price.
  15. if a cbr250r /rr was to be made it would compete with the aprilia or cagiva as they are the top powered marketed sports bikes aimed at learners. It would have to cost around the ten grand margin if it was made due to quality, power and capability.
    im sure it would look wicked so no doubts about that, that rendering is just a persons idea but an idea nonetheless
    would love to see a new 250rr rip up sum 600's

  16. that would be cool.
    but IF it ever happens, it might get the RR tag but highly doubt it will pick up where they left off performance wise.
  17. :(

    we can all dream
  18. Come on people!

    Do you honestly think that Honda would release a product that people would actually consider buying?

    I mean, this is the company that got rid of the Hornet, CBF1000, Firestorm, Black bird, CB900 and CB1300 recently and gave us the Fury, DN-01, VFR1200 and a 400cc LAMS cruiser when it could have been a 650cc.

    What more proof do you need that Honda's market research department has lost the plot?
  19. I detect slight cynicism. :p