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new 2009 suzuki gsxr600 pearl white

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by james.leo, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


  2. Very nice,very white, congrats'

  3. You just dont get em in any better condition than that.
  4. Not really keen on the whole sports bike thing, just not me. However if I were to ever purchase one it would definately be a GSX-R (in white as well) they are a very sexy bike IMO. Very nice choice.
  5. Welcome to the world of Gixxer!.. Unless you have already been here before that is!?!
  6. throw on a nice exhaust and some rim strips and itll be the shizz
  7. It comes down to preference, so many choices out there, but with the 09 clearance price, I could not say no. Sexy yes, the amount of people already asking me questions about the bike is unbelievable! Def an eye turner. What do you ride yourself?
  8. dont like the idea of putting rim tape on the the rims, they are Gun Metal Grey not black, think might be over the top.
  9. just read your profile nice bike mate, got photos of it? not the style i would normally go for but nice still ....... :moped:
  10. I'm not generally a fan of anything white, but I like that.
  11. Sweet ride - I got a black 09 and it's a brilliant bike. White looks awesome! Have fun with it - I'm sure you will!
  12. nice choice, love the bike.
  13. Normally I love white, but I can't stand the 'tribal'/'glitter'/'bling' that's on all the 600's at the moment.

    For me the 2008 silver/blue makes me so weak in the knees still:


  14. What that black boxy thing the exhaust is coming out of?
  15. Thanks man, the two tones look too busy, plus white never goes out of fashion, stripes and lines to with the two tones (my opinion)
  16. Nice man, couldnt get black, just bought meself a new 09 Jeep Cherokee KK in black didn't want the garage being too dark [-(
  17. Hope ya cleaned yourself up after posting this bahhhahahaha just kiddin man, that is a nice looking bike.
  18. Not too sure which part you are referring to buddy !
  19. Very nice colour and bike. For the amount of commuting and riding I do that would be a biatch to keep clean.
  20. yeah but that would give me an excuse to wash it lol